Alumni Travel

Alumni Travel

Congratulations! You've graduated from University and you're thrown into "the big wide world". Don't worry though, just because you've graduated from being a student, it doesn't mean the deals have to stop with StudentUniverse. Actually, there's no time like the present to get away from it all! As an alumni member you can still get great deals on your flights, hotels and tours with StudentUniverse.

Cheap Airline Tickets

You still can qualify for discounted Flights

We understand that your thirst to travel doesn't stop once you leave University, in fact it often gets even stronger. That’s why we’ve worked with some airline partners to allow discounts on flights for “youth.” A lot of our student discount flights are also available to youth travellers, so whilst you may not save the same on every fare, you'll often get some of the best rates around. Also, our tours were build with everyone and anyone in mind, so you'll be able to book them whenever! The same goes for our hotels and activities deals.

Cheap Student Hotels and Hostels

Cheap Hotels

You only have to be a member to save up to 40% on rooms. You can find discounted rooms in hostels or hotels all over the world. And the best part is that the hotel deals are limited to only those who are 18-25. Continue saving for the entire time that you're a StudentUniverse member.