Top Tips On How To Stay Safe When Travelling Alone

Although a lot of people like to go with a companion, travelling alone can be quite the adventure. It is different in the sense that you can do and go wherever your heart desires and at your own pace, without really having to discuss it with anyone. Not only this but you also push yourself further out of your comfort zone for a really unique experience. However being alone in a strange country can have its dangers so here’s a few tips on how to stay safe if you do decide to go it alone. Read More

Top 5 Unusual National Cuisines

Food and travel go together like planes and airports. No matter where you go you’ll have little trouble finding at least one culinary experience that signifies the local culture. Here at StudentUniverse we have come up with the top five countries with the most unusual dishes. Here’s a few food challenges for those of you who like to try new things!

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Top 5 Mountain Destinations

If you thought you knew the best mountain destinations then you need to think again. Here at StudentUniverse, we have come with the top 5 mountain towns to go sightseeing with everything from landmarks, great architecture and popular culture we have it covered. So why not compare you’re bucket list to our top 5 places and see if you can make your list a bit more epic.

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