Top 5 Backpacking Adventures

Backpacking is one of the most fun and budget-friendly ways to travel around the world. Having a backpacking adventure is a must for any student, you may not get to stay in luxury hotels but you can find some of the most unique accommodations around. Backpacking is one of the best ways to experience the world so if you’re looking for a bit of motivation then you need to check out our top 5 countries to visit. Read More

Top 5 Student Areas To Consider When Living In London

Perhaps you’re weighing up the options of moving London and the start of the new academic year ahead of us, you may be looking for a house share or your own small flat. To make your job a little easier we have looked at rent levels, journey time to the center of town, crime rates and bars and clubs to come up the with top 5 places you should consider living this academic year. Read More

How to Travel Comfortably

While travelling can be exciting it can also be very exhausting especially if you are travelling long distances. Getting a good rest is important and being comfortable will allow you to relax better. Here are a few tips I use when travelling long hours; Read More

How to Outsmart Your Jet Lag

Jet Leg is that dreaded symptom many jet setters obtain when travelling the globe. While it can be quite bothersome to feel tired during the day and wide awake in the evening there’s a perfectly good reason for it, and luckily some easy solutions to outsmart it. Why let Jet Lag ruin your travel adventures?

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