Unique Ideas for a Gap Year Abroad

A gap year abroad is a unique opportunity to escape your familiar surroundings and push yourself to discover, learn and develop as a person. You could take a road trip across America, backpack around Europe, teach English as a foreign language somewhere exotic – or do something really unusual that will change your life and make you stand out amongst other gap year travellers. In this article, I’ve skipped over the roads-more-travelled to bring you a selection of more unusual ideas for your year out. For an introduction to gap year travel, you can check out Student Money Saver’s guide to gap year travel as you start to think about jetting off. Read More

The Benefits Of Having International Work Experience

The job market continues to be super competitive which is why gaining international work experience will broaden your career prospects when you return to the UK. Working abroad allows you the opportunity to enhance yourself on a personal and professional level. If you needed to get some inspiration then check out our benefits of having international work experience.  Read More

5 Things Not To Pack When Studying Abroad

Many of us find that once we go on holiday we immediately regret bring those 3 tops we never wore and half the suitcase of things we never used. Studying abroad isn’t any different, you don’t want to be the girl or boy who has to throw things away because you didn’t need it. So if you’re off to study abroad soon here is the ultimate guide of the NO DON’T PACK list, so that you can make room for the more important things. Read More

Travelling Solo – The Ultimate Guide

Travelling solo can be one of the most liberating journeys one can ever take however it doesn’t take away from the fact that it can be a nerve wracking experience. Being a solo traveler doesn’t have to be daunting and to make sure you get the most out of your adventure here are some top tips to ensure you have a memorable experience when travelling solo. Read More