Year Abroad Bucket List – 10 Things To Do Before The End Of Your Travels

Your year abroad goes by in the blink of an eye…

When it comes time to pack up your things and make that bittersweet journey home, there will still be a ton of things you wish you’d had time to do, places you wish you’d seen and moments you didn’t get a chance to experience.

So, to help make sure you make the absolute most of the last few days or weeks of your travels, we’ve compiled a ‘year abroad bucket list’ of sorts, so you can leave with no regrets and memories to last a lifetime. (more…)

How To Meet Up With Fellow 20-Something Travelers

This blog was submitted by: Andy Steves.

The highlight of any trip comes from the experience of connecting with others from different backgrounds that you meet while on your travels. It’s so easy to just stay in the British bubble, and it is just that much more rewarding to break out of it. The British Bubble provides comfort in an otherwise strange environment, yet prevents you from experiencing the country you’ve chosen to visit to the fullest.

You’d be amazed to find that though people may be different on a surface level, ultimately they are exactly like yourself. Ask about where they go on a Saturday night, what their views on politics are, how they celebrate holidays, where they want to live when they “grow up,” etc. It’s these types of connections that can bring the world closer together, and it’s this kind of cultural understanding that can make positive differences for our future.

Here are some tips to bridge those cultural gaps:


How To Plan A Round The World Trip

The fictional Phileas Fogg travelled round the world in 80 days; in 1890 whilst Journo Nellie Bly completed it in 72; in 2014, the idea of travelling around the word is increasingly becoming more and more popular. No matter what type of traveler you think you are there’s something amazing in travelling to a number of countries in just one trip. The question is where do you begin? Well let us congratulate you, you’re making the right steps, we’ve got you covered so sit back and get a pen a paper together for some top tips! (more…)

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