7 Reasons to Visit Thailand

Thailand has long been one of the favourite destinations for the budget traveller, offering everything from stunning beaches to rainforest trekking and of course the all night parties. In fact Chaing Mai, in northern Thailand has been revealed as the cheapest travel destination out of 25 holiday hotspots in a study by NatWest. Still not convinced?… Read More

How to Use Google Maps on the Trip of a Lifetime

Never believe your parents. They see you utilizing apps and gadgets to navigate the complexities of 21st century life, and chuckle knowingly amongst each other before casting their “in my days” and “young people todays” around. No, they claim, they didn’t need apps and gadgets to get around, and certainly not to orientate themselves in… Read More

4 Reasons Why Romania Should be the Next thing on Your Travel List

I truly believe that everyone should visit Romania, at least once in their lives. You should experiment sitting for hours in the CFR trains, going from a place to another, while reading a book. You should meet a Romanian, laugh while trying to pronounce our weird sounds such as î,ă,ț etc. and simply enjoy the… Read More

4 Reasons Romania Should Be Next On Your Travel List

I truly believe that everyone should visit Romania, at least once in their lives. Some of my favorite memories include enjoying a book on the CFR train while traveling through the country and meeting a Romanian who I shared a laugh with as he tried to pronounce words in English. One of the best parts… Read More

What’s Your Next Adventure?

Are you planning your next travel adventure? You may have just graduated, or have made the decision to embark on an amazing trip before taking the next step in your life and career. But whatever the reason is we’re here to help. We believe that the world is your oyster and there are thousands of… Read More

Trips To Fall In Love With This Summer

With the nation transfixed on Love Island, and your summer schedule looking empty, we’re here to recommend our top island getaways so you can book your own escape from reality. There’s no doubt you’ll fall in love with these islands, but who knows, you might even find yourself coupled-up by the end of the trip…… Read More

The best cities across the globe to celebrate Pride

Around the world you’ll find many many Pride festivals, each with varying parades, exhibitions and parties taking place. And with decades under their belt for some of the festivals, it’s hard to know which city does it best. So we’ve compiled this list with some of our absolute favourite cities across the globe to celebrate… Read More

My trip to Japan with Topdeck

I just got back from a truly incredible trip to Japan with Topdeck on their Japan Highlights tour. I got to experience some of the best places, from cities to mountains and bullet trains in between. It really did what it says on the box – the highlights of Japan. Did I mention it was… Read More