Safaris are extraordinary holidays but they often come with a hefty price tag so we have comprised a list of ways in which you will be able to save on flights, hotels and tours to get the ultimate student filled safari holiday. From our list you will be able to carefully plan the most inexpensive trip yet see some amazing sites at a fraction of the price. If there was ever a good time to brush up on your Swahili or Afrikaans, it’s now. Let us jet you off to the motherland.

Travel Off Season

One of the best ways to save tons on a safari holiday is making sure you pick the right dates to fly out. A day late or a day early can make the difference between spending all of your savings, or having the comfort of money left in the bank. Book your flight tickets with us and you’ll be able to choose from a range of airlines and an array of times that suit you at discounted rates. If you’re looking to visit the big SA then you’ll be pleased to learn that South Africa’s lodges are open all year round, the best time to visit is during May-July as these are heir winter months and flights are cheaper, and the surroundings are quieter, so you will get the most out of your safari.

How To Save Money For A Student Safari Holiday

 Think Hostel

Most students don’t mind where their head falls just as long as it’s cheap and comfortable so you don’t have to spend huge bucks to get a well-rested sleep. Staying in small, owner-operated lodges are more useful to student living than staying in a high-end corporate safari company’s lodge. Here at StudentUniverse we have a variety of hotels and hostels to suit your needs and your budget to ensure you can make this one student adventure you won’t forget.

Travel In A Group

Grab your friends along for the ultimate student filled holiday. Nothing is better than going with a group of girls and boys that are similarly adventurous and looking to have a great time. There are also some great ways you can save as students by travelling in groups. Food, travel and tours can be cheaper by doing them en-masse, so ensure you get your friends along for the trip of a lifetime. 

Pick Unique Reserves

Reserves such as Timbavati or Madikwe in South Africa, North Luangwa in Zambia and Samburu National Reserve in Kenya are well known safari destinations, but are less visited by international tourists so you can find great deals and discounts on their lodges and camps. Travelling to less popular locations can also mean you will bypass many international tourists and queues and you will receive a more personal safari tour for a fraction of the price.

Pick Unique Reserves

Opt For Sightseeing At A National Park

Sightseeing at a National Park often means that you are allowed to stay on their on-site bungalows, huts and hostels which are state funded meaning that you are getting up close and personal with the animals every day of your trip. So if it’s Kenya or South Africa you want to visit why not check out the different accommodation tariffs as you may be surprised as they can be as little as £35; a total student budget.

Opt For Sightseeing At A National Park

Choose A Sibling Camp

If you’re on a student budget, staying at a camp site nearby can dramatically cut your costs. Most tourists visit Botswana as this is a country covered in diamonds and extraordinary wildlife and diverse biosphere however it is the most expansive safari destination in Africa. Companies such as the Wilderness have opened smaller yet affordable camps very close to its main and the quality hasn’t changed either giving you the best views from your rooms and tents.

Go it alone

If you’ve got a sense of adventure and you’re a bit of an explorer then why not try travelling alone or going safari backpacking. Most Africans especially in South Africa rent of a vehicle, stock up on food and travel down the roads and across borders to complete the ultimate safari adventure. You will save a ton on air transfers and the easiest route is Namibia, Botswana and South Africa you’ll be able to hire a car at the Johannesburg airport or Kruger National as South Africa is the best place to start any safari holiday. So what you waiting for your dream holiday is waiting.

Go it alone

Look For Weak Currencies

Though Namibia is a beautiful destination as it is rich in primary resources and has an attractive coastline and desert it currency however isn’t so beautiful but this allows you to get great savings. You will be able to save money on accommodation and food whilst on your safari holiday so it is worth checking before booking your destination.

Look For Weak Currencies

You are now fully prepared for the ultimate student safari! Please do share this survival guide and let us know if we’ve missed out anything. And remember, you can get student and youth discounts on flights, hotels and tours with StudentUniverse.


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