If you are in your twenties and not a Daniel Radcliffe or Zayn Malik then it’s understandable that you don’t really have the fortune to make the most expensive of your travel plans come true. However, that shouldn’t really stop you from travelling as well. We are ready with our list of the top budget destinations that can be covered by you in your twenties.

They are pocket-friendly. They are beautiful. And, they have a treasure-trove of experiences to offer you.

Mazatlan in Mexico


2018 it seems continues to be the year of budget travel just as 2017. Topping our list is the picturesque Mazatlan in Mexico. It has been touted as the “place to be” for every frugal tripper looking forward to exploring more “culture” than iconic landmarks.

There is no dearth of tourist draws here including:

  • Mind-blowing eateries
  • All-inclusive budget hotels (great rooms, pools and awesome food)
  • Great shrimp (it is known as the shrimp capital of Mexico)

Bali, Indonesia


Bali is definitely on every traveller’s wishlist – not only because of its affordability but also because of its breathtaking beauty – Nusa Penida, Uluwatu, Tanah Lot, Jimbaran, Kuta Beach, Benoa Beach, Kintamani and what not? Bali is actually a delightful amalgam of the scenic views, great food, adventure sports and basically “carefree travelling” (precisely because Bali is safe for travel). And, what more? It’s damn affordable as well. Do read on in order to explore more possible destinations that you can travel in your twenties only.



Prague is deemed a paradise for backpackers. Though many in their late twenties might as well dismiss this place solely thinking that it is mostly frequented by those who have just passed out from college, it should not really be forgotten that Prague’s charm continues to literally intoxicate the most seasoned travellers out there. It’s a great place to visit with your friends. Beer and great energy are hallmarks of this place.

San Juan in Puerto Rico


San Juan in Puerto Rico is recommended primarily because of its scenic charm and of course the convenience of commuting. If you are willing to explore this place, you should actually go on to check out the Caribbean deals during the low season. When it comes to San Juan it is touted as an easy get-away and if you are actually living within the two square mile radius of the old city, you will not even need a car rental to access the most happening shopping centres, sights, and restaurants.

What more? If you are a US citizen, you won’t even need a passport to visit this place. Another major benefit of being a US citizen is that you don’t lose any money in the exchange because US dollar is the legal tender here.

Oaxaca in Mexico


Oaxaca in Mexico is one of the less charted terrains but that doesn’t really take away from its awesomeness. It is not only beautiful but is also affordable, safe and friendly. The city is your access to the huge markets and Mezcalerias. Eat and drink to your hearts’ content and then catch a flight to the coast for swimming and surfing. In fact, a minibus ride can take you to the coast as well.



Amsterdam. Go there just to behold the gorgeous canals in all their glory. Let us tell you that they are actually touted as gorgeous by the most seasoned travellers out there. It is also very easy to take a tour of the city quite simply because of the fact that there are a lot of English speaking friendly people around you who can actually bail you out of your confusions – if at all you feel lost on streets or end up looking for simple road directions. The place has an incredibly diverse milieu which is primarily because of its Dutch colonial past. So, you know that there is virtually a lot to explore.



Grab this moment because the exchange rates are in favour of the Americans – in fact, it has been a long time since the rates have been this favourable for Americans. If that’s not really reason enough for you to explore this place, let us give you more reasons to do the same. Santiago is your unbridled passport to the pulsating food and wine scene and this is one of the reasons why it acts as a virtual magnet for tourists. Puerto Varas, again, is less known but absolutely charming lakeside town which should be explored primarily for its unadulterated beauty.

It is easy to get around and fairly affordable as well! The touch of the German “kuchen” will add a very unique and interesting dimension to your tripping experience. A two-hour drive from the city will actually take you to the top of a breathtaking volcano. From there you can go on to explore waterfalls, the best cakes that Chile has in the offing for you and of course great food.

So, we hope that the primer offered here will shape your travel dreams in more ways than what you can imagine. Do not hold yourself back from exploring. Start exploring.

Brought to you by: Sarah – Senior content curator in HolidayFactors.com, a leading holiday portal in Dubai, UAE”

Sarah Bennett

Sarah is a senior content curator in HolidayFactors.com, a leading holiday portal in Dubai, UAE


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