Russia is the largest country in the world, so seeing the whole of the country in just one trip might be impossible. However if you’re wondering where should you go to in Russia, than you can count your lucky stars as we may have the answers you’ve been looking for.  With some much to do in this magnificent city we have comprised a list of the top five must go to places to visit whilst on your journey.

1. Visit Moscow

The first place to start your journey will have to be in Moscow. A city filled with history, culture and the world’s largest community of billionaires, there is no surprise why this city is the place to be. With a hub of creative and intellectual energy Moscow should be up there on your bucket list for places you must visit. Moscow offers a range of world-class art galleries, amazing restaurants and the best of shops to find the bargain piece. If you’re into finical, political yet cultural landmarks then you should start your adventure at the Red Square and the Kremlin to see some of the most impressive sights.

Top 5 Reasons You Should Visit Russia

2.Visit the Mir Mine

Located in Siberia, the Mir Mine is a former open pit diamond mine. With a depth of 525 meters and 1,200 in diameter, the Mir Mine is the second largest excavated hole in the World.  The Mir Mine is so bit that that it is forbidden for helicopters to pass the airspace above the mine as they may be sucked in by the downward air flow.  However you might strike yourself lucky when exploring as it is said that over 10 million carats has been extracted last year alone.

Visit the Mir Mine

3.St Petersburg

St Petersburg is often referred to as the most European city as it is home to lovers of history and culture. With  more than two thousand libraries, two hundred and twenty museums and eighty theatres, St Petersburg should definitely be a stop on your trip. This cultural city is becoming a student hub and is the perfect escape if you enjoy bohemian cafes, underground nightclubs, art galleries and unique hostels. The best time to visit St. Petersburg is during summer, when the city is experiencing its famous White Nights which is a time of glorious midnight sun, beautiful traditions and numerous night-time festivals.

St Petersburg Russia

4.The Golden Ring

If you fancy something different that you must check out the picturesque towns of the Golden Ring. With a variety of medieval fortresses and churches, the Golden Ring seems like a scene from a movie. Although located in the north east of the capital Moscow, the Golden Ring will have you feeling as though you’re in a whole of country all together. Whilst travelling you must visit Vladimir, Suzdal and Posad which as villages in the Golden Ring famous for being the spiritual home to the Russian Orthodox Church.

The Golden Ring

5.Kizhi Island

Don’t forget to visit the breathtakingly beautiful, UNESCO Kizhi Island. Home to the twenty-two domed church of the Transfiguration, Kizhi is the mecca for great architecture.  Some houses and churches in Kizhi are said to have been built without no nails but rather close fitting notched logs and have survived centuries in their original form.

Kizhi Island


There’s a world of opportunity out there just waiting to be explored, so make sure you don’t miss out! Remember, the only thing that’s limiting you is your imagination.

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