Thailand is a well-known tourist attraction bringing in an influx of students, backpackers and adventure seekers to the ultimate dream location. Here at StudentUniverse we have comprised the ultimate to do list when you visit this great country. So why not put Thailand at the top of you bucket list this summer and check out these must see sights around its cultural capital. You cannot really boast about your summer if you haven’t been to Thailand and do these top ten things.

The Grand Palace

Why not be a King or Queen for the day and walk into 200 years of a gold decorated palace. This is probably Thailand’s most famous destination where you would be able to gain culture and understanding on a building that has been in existence since 1782; being the officially recorded residence of the Kings of Siam. The night life in the Grand Palace is seen as a romantic experience; though you may encounter crowds the bright lights will lead you home.

Elephant Trekking

Did you know that the elephant is Thailand’s national symbol? A symbolic and sacred animal, the elephant is treated very highly amongst locals so you wouldn’t go very far without encountering one. If maybe one day you would like to train to become a mahout or learn and understand these magnificent animals you must visit Chian Dao Elephant Camp or Thai Elephant Conservation Center. Booking with us guarantees you extra cash savings which you would be able to use on luxury accommodation at the Anatara Golden Triangle of the Elephant Hill where you would be able to trek with these animals.

Ten Amazing Things to do in Thailand

The Island of Ko Phi Phi

Ko Phi Phi is a small archipelago in the Karbi Province in the South of Thailand and is set up of two small islands Ko Phi Phi Don and Ko Phi Phi Leh. If you’re a film lover you would enjoy to know that this is where the popular 2000 film ‘Beach’ was set with stars such as Leonardo Dicaprio. So why not get that Holloywood experience and let us jet you away to the island of blue skies, warm seas and colourful castles.

Scuba dive at Ko Tao

Thailand may probably be the most significant place to learn how to scuba dive and at Ko Tao which is also nicknamed the Turtle Island which ensures that you will be able to enjoy learning at one of  many scuba diving schools at a very fair price. Ko Tao is second only to Cairns, Australia when it comes to the number of annual divers that become qualified. The island allows you to roam and take in the amazing views which has been rated one of the most locations to take romantic trips.

Visit the White Temple, Chiang Rail

A palace fit for an Ice Queen herself, the temple of Chiang Rai is one of the most extraordinary temples that has ever been built. Known to be a contemporary Buddihst and Hindu temple by the Tai artist Chalermchi Kositpipant in 1997, the white temple includes come of the most fascinating images such as pictures of Michael Jackson and the world most beautiful toilet. So why not check it out with us and book your flights for an adventure of a lifetime.

Visit the White Temple, Chiang Rail

Visit the Chatuchak Weekend Market 

If you are looking for the ultimate bargain why not check out one of the largest markets in the world but be warned that you may find yourself rumbling for hours as there are over 800 stalls. Whether you’re looking for accessories, clothing, books and puts you can rest assure that you will find it here. Whilst you shop why not also enjoy some interesting cuisine from the vendors.

Sail Away on Bangkok’s Floating Markets

Imagine having your food prepared for you as you sail off down the river, amazing right? This dream can become a reality as Bangkok has the most amazing floating markets which is a must see on your trip to Thailand. You will not be surprised at the number of other boats that may sell other items such as jewellery, clothes and home tools; making Thailand the best place to get all your shopping done at a price that will suit you.

Take a trek into Northern Thailand

If you are an explorer it why not take a stroll into Northern Thailand and meet the traditional hilltribes who live in and around the forest for thousands of years. Each village has a different language, religious practice, tradition and style of dress. One of the most famous is the Karen who are dubbed as ‘Long Neck’ typically seen to wear weighted rights around them to give them an elongated look.

Drink at the Sky Bar at the Lebua

Whatever your preferred choice of drink, why not sit back and relax in Bangkok’s spectacular Sky Bar at Lebua Hotel. Suspended on a precipice 820 feet in the air and over the city, the Sky Bar is the highest bar of its kind in the world. You may up leaving with a Hangover (pun intended) which ironically is the name as the film that was shot at the Sky Bar.

Drink at the Sky Bar at the Lebua

Have a Thai massage

It wouldn’t be holiday without an exquisite Thai massage which can be located in pretty much every corner you turn. But which one is the best ?  Well The Temple of the Reclining Buddha in Bangkok is said to be home to the capitals best masseurs; with prices starting at £7.50 an hour. So why not treat yourself to more than one visit.

 Have a Thai massage 

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We are  hoping that you liked our list of ten amazing things to do in Thailand. If you’re a student discount hunter, you can get student only rates on flights, hotels and tours at StudentUniverse.

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