Travelling to London as an international student is such an exciting time. You are filled with many questions about where to go and what to do. While there is so much to do in London there are some that stand out over others, here is my list of ten things to do while spending your days in London.

1. Hop on Hop Off:   While I was very hesitant to do this tour and had to have a little push it was surprisingly a lot of fun. The bus takes different routes and drives throughout the streets of London while giving you rich history about the city. At any point you can ask to hop off and visit one of the sites and when you are finished with that you can hop back on a bus and continue on your way.


2. The Tower of London:   Rich in vast history The Tower is an amazing site to view and even more amazing to learn about. If you are a history buff this is a perfect place for you, and if you’re not you will have amazing views to look at it. Whether you are there to view the queen’s jewels or the infamous ravens you will be glad you took a tour through one London’s most interesting places.


3. Buckingham Palace:   Who wouldn’t want to see how the Royals live. This beautiful estate is a site to see and is amazingly always crawling with eager eyes. Going to the castle is quite an experience from the beautiful gates to the famously dressed guards it will not be a disappointment. Also not to mention it’s all free.


4. Piccadilly Circus:   One of London’s busiest places Piccadilly is quite fun to travel through. From the street performers to the hustle and bustle of the city goers you will find much to do and to see in Piccadilly.


5. Big Ben and Westminster Abby:  If this is your first time travelling to London these sites are a must to see. The iconic Big Ben sits beautifully looking over the city while just a short walk away the historic Westminster Abby lay only a few steps away. These historic sites are fun to take pictures at and to learn about.


6. Picnic in Hyde Park:   London has many beautiful parks but one of my favorites is Hyde Park. This massive park is always busy with people enjoying a beautiful day outside. Grab some food and a blanket and enjoy the park with some friends.

7. Trafalgar Square:    Another amazing site London has to offer. The square is filled with statues and people all bustling around trying to take the views in. The British Museum lies on top of the square and is another attraction to see while in the area.


8. See a show:   While I am not one to usually go and see a show experiencing a show in London can be quite enjoyable. There are many to choose from and student discounts are given out so you won’t have to spend so much money for awesome seats.

9. London Eye:    The London Eye is a giant fairs wheel that sits on a bank of a river known as the River Thames. While it’s fun to ride the fairs wheel also provides amazing city views when you reach the top. You can also enjoy a nice cocktail as you ride up to the top of the city.


10. Attend a Festival:   London is a busy city with lots going on. This is good because you will always find something to do on your weekends. Many festivals go on throughout the year and vary in different interests. Some are all about art while others are all about food, I highly recommend checking some out and getting to meet some locals in the process.

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