Even if you make a careful list and are highly organized in your travel prep, there are some common things that you can forget to pack. Travelling away from home to study means that you won’t always have what you need close by. So to avoid any setbacks make sure you check out this list so that you’ll have everything you need to make your time here rum smoothly.

Passport or driver’s license – Above all, don’t risk missing your flight because you have to run back home and grab your identification. It is also important to make copies of your passport, license and credit cards. That way, in an event that your passport is lost or stolen, you can easily go to your nearest embassy and have one re-issued.

Umbrella – Don’t get caught in the rain. Even if the forecast looks nice, you never know when there will be a pop-up shower or thunderstorm.  

Phone charger – Different countries have different sockets so make sure you’re well prepared or else you may be phoneless your entire trip.

Laptop charger – A must have item if you’re bringing your laptop along for the trip as you not find you’re charger here in the UK or will have to fork out a bit of cash for a new one.

>Prescriptions – Bring enough medication for your entire stay (plus a day or two) to avoid wasting time and in case your insurance doesn’t cover you during your stay.  

Extra Memory Card – You’ll definitely want to document your trip and all of the memories made along the way and having limited space on your camera will be disappointing. So before you go, stop by the nearest electronic store and pick up an extra memory card.

Cash – We may be in modern times where most places accept bank cards or trendy app contactless pay, but it’s always smart to carry a bit of local currency with you when you’re traveling as you never know when you just might need it. 

First Aid Kit – Freshers week can get a bit messy so make sure you bring a homemade student first aid kit, with pain killers, cold/ flu remedies, heat packs and plasters!

Armed with these tips, you’re ready to take the big step and start your university journey in style and comfort. These are some of the best years of your life, so make sure you make the most of them!

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Anna Leonard · 16/11/2015 at 4:07 pm

I just recently went on my fall break and everything on this list is exactly what I made sure I had before leaving. A lot of these items are always forgotten about, (umbrella,first aid kit) and it is always nice to be reminded to bring these items because you WILL forget them at least once on a vacation or trip. This blog is very useful for those who are studying abroad and/or backpacking!

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