Want the real story about people who you’ll meet when backpacking in the UK? These are the 14 real types of people that you can’t help but bump into – even if you don’t want to!

1. The one who spends all their time on social media



2. The one who wants to be your friend



3. The person that read the guidebook, twice

Mr Know-It-All


4. The person who changes when they’re drunk



5. The party animal (from birth)



6. The one with questionable morals


7. The lucky one that everything goes right for


8. The one who thinks travelling has really helped them find themself

The backpacker who thinks travelling has really changed them


9. The one that loves a drink


10. The person that misses home

The backpacker who misses home


11. The one with too much energy

12. The one not sure whether to go home or keep living the dream



13. The one that refuses to wash (for some reason?)


14. The person with too much baggage

That’s it – the 14 people you’ll meet when backpacking in the UK – even if you don’t want to!  Unless you’re socially inept, travel ditching doesn’t come naturally to most people but it’s a valuable skill to have when backpacking and can make your trip infinitely more enjoyable if you learn to politely extract yourself from the company of unwanted travel buddies. Who knows, maybe they’re trying to travel ditch you too.

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