Whether you’re a lover of food, art, architecture or just the great Italian culture studying in Florence brings a world of opportunities. Unlike its neighbors Rome and Venice, Florence truly offers you a unique experience. Once the capital of Italy and birthplace of the Italian Renaissance believe us when we say that there is so much to do and see so make sure you check out our video to get a first hand insight on reasons why you should study in Florence


Whether you’re looking to study abroad for one year or for your full course, studying in Florence offers you an education like no other. Respected throughout the world Florence academic system is perfect for artists, scientists, writers and historians. Though we know that studying abroad can be a daunting experience Florence however offers a mixture culture, positivity and excellent universities that will make the process easier. The University of Florence is the largest and oldest university in Italy so make sure you check out if they offer your course as they offer great institutions such as the Museum of the history of science. Student life we know wouldn’t be complete without bars and clubs so rest assured that Florence also offers the best student scene. There are a range of lounges and bars all unique to the next, so grab bags and get ready study in Florence.



Art is truly alive in Florence and can be found everywhere! Home to some of the world most amazing and famous pieces of art, we would suggest visiting the famous Uffizi to get up close and personal to pieces like The Birth of Venus, The Holy Family by Michelangelo and The Adoration of the Magi by Leonardo da Vinci.  Florence is home to an estimated 60 percent of the world’s greatest artwork indoors and outside. Keep your eyes opened for some street at from Clet Abraham, Urban Solid  and L’arte Sa Nuotare whose works include colorful statues and artwork in scuba gear. If you however like to wonder round museums then make sure you check out The Opera del Duomo and the Bargello National Museum which has amazing architecture as well as the largest collection of Italian Gothic and Renaissance sculptures.  Make sure you book your tickets in advance as the queues can be a long!


Yes it is true, Italy has the best pizzas and you find some of the finest foods in Florence.  Whether you like pasta, risotto, seafood or steak make sure you try out a Enotecas (wine bar) or Trattorias for the most gourmet foods you’ll ever have for that oh so beautiful student price. You would need to wash down your food with some red wine like a true Italian so make sure you ask for Morellino, Chianti or Brunello. You’re always going to be spoiled for choice in Florence so whatever your taste buds fancy you’ll be sure to find something right for you.


If you need more convincing, studying in Florence means your fashion style will expand. It has been said that Florence became the birthplace of fashion in Italy witch designers such as Gucci and Fendi before moving to Milan and Rome. With so many markets and clothing stalls all around the city means you can find some of the most vintage and designer labels for a very good price. Florence is known for leather goods so make sure you work on being good with the gab because you could walk off with a great deal. Make sure you check out Ponte Vecchio Street which has a range jewelry shops and quirky art galleries alongside San Lorenzo Market district where you’ll also find amazing food vendors, clothing and jewellery and ceramics.


If you wanted to get fit and healthy whilst studying in Florence then you’ll be pleased to know that everything is pretty much in walking distance. Florence has a variety of beautiful back streets and corners to discover so why not take on the adventure. You might just bump into the hidden Arno river or Palazzo Pitt and if you’ve had enough of walking then feel free to cycle down the cobble streets.  The great thing about Florence is that it is located at the centre of Italy which means you can always visit all the other major Italian cities on your trip via train, bus or plane.


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