Here we will look to guide you through the benefits of securing paid work abroad; as well as any possible hurdles to overcome. Whilst you might immediately think that getting paid to work abroad is much better than volunteering, there are both upsides and downsides to it. We will look to enlighten you about working abroad to see if it’s a possible option for you.

The Upsides

Even though the pay offered for most internships is relatively modest, they can offer a great insight into the country and industry of your choice. What’s more, going abroad to get a taster of a field of work that interests you will show employers just how determined you are to kickstart your career within that industry. Similarly to volunteering, there is a wealth of personal benefits to be had from working abroad.

Experiencing the culture of another country is brilliant for your personal development and it shows that you’re not afraid to broaden your horizons. You are likely to be thrown into challenging and varied situations on a day-to-day basis in many jobs; if you have already displayed your adeptness in dealing with a new country, then it will stand you in great stead for any future roles.

Is Doing an Internship Abroad Right For You?

The Downsides

When applying for a job in a non-English speaking country, chances are you will need to have some prior knowledge of the native language; this is generally the case for internships abroad. However, positions teaching English abroad usually just require you to speak English, which may be of greater interest to some readers.

Beware of the competition! Unlike volunteer roles, you’re likely to have competitors applying for the same internship as you – the cheek! This means you’re far from guaranteed to secure the role you’re applying for. But don’t forget – putting all that extra work into your application will make it all the more rewarding if you do manage to land the job.

Why should you volunteer or intern abroad?

The Verdict

Securing an internship abroad could really invigorate your career, giving you the grounding and experience early on to be a real success in the future. Whether you’re a current student looking to have a summer out of the ordinary, or a graduate who is finding the job search in a competitive market to be tricky, interning is always a great option.

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