Recently, StudentUniverse went out and spoke to students who are currently studying abroad in London. We asked them all about their London studying abroad experience and asked them for some advice for future students considering doing the same. Check out the video we put together.

We also put together these 11 reasons why you should consider studying in London from the students we spoke to as well:

1. To explore the UK and the rest of Europe whilst studying

London, as you’d expect, is brilliantly connected to the rest of the UK and Europe. Whether it’s low cost flights to Europe, trains to Scotland, Ireland or Wales or tours encompassing all of the above, you can indulge any travel passion easily from London. Coming to study in London makes the whole of Europe available to you.

2. To enjoy the London nightlife

With hundreds of thousands of students, and tens of millions of residents, there’s always something going on in London. Whether your passion is food, music, sport or partying; you’re guaranteed to find what you’re looking for in one of London’s differently cultured regions.

3. To experience a new way of life

11 Reasons to Study in London

London’s a truly unique city, and there’s nothing quite like it in the UK or anywhere else in the world. As a melting pot of different cultures, it’s one of the biggest and best with more cultures and nationalities represented than just about anywhere else. If you want to experience something new, exciting and unique – studying in London is for you.

4. To differentiate your CV by studying abroad

Only approximately 4% of students in the world have studied abroad. By taking yourself out of your normal routine and studying somewhere like London, you’ll add something to your CV that only a tiny percentage of people will have. When it comes down to you standing out and trying to get your first major jobs; studying abroad in London could be crucial.

5. To learn a second language (or keep speaking English if you’d prefer!)

For many coming to study in London is a huge opportunity to learn English, for many others it’s a huge opportunity to study abroad whilst still speaking English. Whichever applies to you, London’s got you covered.

6. To visit London’s landmarks whilst at University

Visit London landmarks whilst you study

Taking the chance to see some of the famous London landmarks is a huge appeal for studying in London. With historically significant buildings like Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and the Tower of London coupled with modern, global leading attractions like The Shard and the London Eye, you’ll be spoilt for choice. When you consider that you could do all these and hundreds more things, all whilst studying abroad, it becomes one of the cheapest ways to explore a new city cost-effectively.

7. To become more independent

Travelling miles away from home to one of the largest, most diverse and popular cities in the world is about as bold as it gets for developing independence. Living on your own and building a new life (even for just a term/semester) in London will teach you things that you simply won’t get elsewhere.

8. To get a fresh start

As we’ve already said, London is a huge melting pot of different cultures. If you want to make a clean break and get a fresh start, London will help you do that. There are seemingly endless opportunities to make the most of that other cities and university experiences simply won’t provide you with.

9. To network for the future

In terms of a global business hub, London is right at the top of the list. By coming to study in London you’ll have opportunities to intern with big, fast-moving companies and to build a network that will pay dividends throughout your future career. If you look at any big business in the UK, they’ll have a presence in London. When you couple that with the global conferences and events taking place seemingly weekly in London and you’ll not be short of opportunity.

10. To make new and different friends

Chances are, if you’ve grown up in a small town somewhere abroad, you’ll never have experienced anything like London for making new friends. You can find a sports teams for just about everything to take part in, go on nights out and never see the same people again and that’s before you even consider what your University will offer you (which will be a lot).

11. To get a first class education

First class education at the likes of UCL, King's and more

London has some of the best universities in the world. With the likes of UCL, King’s College and SOAS leading their way in their specialist fields, you’ll be at a University with people who will go on to become industry and thought leaders.

That’s it.. 11 reasons to study in London! Let us know what you think in the comments below and if you need to book your flights to London for your studying abroad, then start your search at StudentUniverse to bag a bargain.


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