Well done for completing you’re A-levels, you’re now well on the way into the working world! It’s always a big step going to university but it’s always a bigger step when you’re going away to study. To make things easier, here at StudentUniverse we have comprised a list to help you get you ready to study abroad from everything from the journey between departing from one airport and arriving at the other, dreams and hopes for a better future.


Whether it’s regarding the dates you’re travelling it’s essential you choose a great travel agency that won’t let you down. Choose a company that understands your budget and looks to enhance your travel experience; and there’s no better place than StudentUniverse. StudentUniverse allows you to compare flights and accommodation helping you ensure you get the best deal. If your friends or family fly out to come see you at StudentUniverse you can decide between single flights or your own DIY flight and hotel combo. To save tons of money on your ticket; booking in late May and late August can be essential as prices tend to be slighter lower than at peak times. Though the early bird sometimes gets the worm; booking eight to ten week before your ideal departure opens you up to the seats airlines are looking to give away.

Complementary Tips For When Studying Abroad This Year


Your student halls shall be your mecca as this is the one place you’ll spend your time sleeping, reading, chilling and sleeping once more. Sadly your accommodation may not be as nice as home. Depending on what accommodation, you’ve decided on you may be sharing a kitchen with people you may not know and unfortunately it’s up to all of you to take control and tidy up after yourselves. A way in which this can be done is if you create a chart where everyone decides on what day they would like to clean. This will help avoid arguments and help you get along as flatmates as you shall be living with them for a whole academic year. However as you may be studying abroad you may want to look for a place that give you longevity as you will be in a new city, with new people so you need to be comfortable in a place that suits you. Unlike halls you will not be given an option to move if you do not like your flatmates so it’s essential you of each list out the pros and cons housing the University of estate agent sends over.

Language Barriers

If you are not going to a country where the mother tongue is English or the most common language within the university is English do not let the language barrier get you down. You have chosen this university for a reason and therefore it is a great experience for you to exchange with the students, local and community. Within your university there will be many programs that offer you opportunities to get a better grip of the language which will allow you to do well in your academic and social studies.  

Language Barriers

Fund your studies abroad

Studying aboard can be fairly expensive and like most student loans unfortunately they do not stretch as far as you may like. Therefore to be better prepared, make sure you apply and see if you are eligible to all the student grants open to you so that you can turn your dream into reality. It is also essential that you apply for the university scholarship program as securing great A-level results often means that the university bare your university fees. Depending on the country your university is located and your Visa tier you will be able to work whilst you study. Getting a part time job allows you to focus on your studies and gain some extra income.

If you won’t do it at home, don’t do it abroad

If you won’t do it at home, don’t do it abroad seems like an easy enough rule to follow but you would be surprised about the number of people that forget this rule. Your parents do not want to be awoken at 3am to the sound of a policeman, a doctor or a mortuary so please keep yourself and your belongings safe. We all have our YOLO moments; but make sure you know your limit and this goes to any friends you make on your journeys.

If you won’t do it at home, don’t do it abroad


It is very easy to feel overwhelmed and miss your friends and family back here in the UK. Always remember that everyone going to university no matter where it is; is pretty much in the same boat. Take your university experience as an opportunity to make friends. One way of doing this is leaving your door open when everyone moves into your halls or accommodation as people will often say hi. It is completely fine to feel a lost and worry as you are far away from home and you are now in control of your future. It is important that you seek help from the advice; career and mental health centre whenever you have any concerns and need guidance. Your university is there for you, remember to stay positive and know that homesickness doesn’t last forever.

Invest in a good laptop

There is probably going to be no other time where you will use your laptop a lot more than at university abroad. That is why it is so important that you invest in a decent laptop before you leave than buying one once you arrive as the instructions may be difficult to understand or the laptop may be made cheaply. The last thing you want it to lose is any files or to fail to upload a piece of coursework on time which may cause you to have your work disqualified. Investing in a good laptop allows you to watch home episodes that you may miss being abroad, call and Skype your friends and family whenever you are feeling lonely and lastly bring it to your lectures so that you may be able to make accurate notes.

Invest in a good laptop

Get familiar with your routes

Many countries have invested in a range of transport options such as tubes, trains, trams and buses making you spoilt for choice. Therefore it is essential that you take a couple visits round the city alone or with friends so you begin get familiar with your location. Sometimes getting lost can be  a blessing as you will think fast on your feet and eventually find your way back so that you do not make the same mistakes.

Be sociable

Allow yourself to talk to and make friends with people of different racial, cultural and sexual orientations this will not only allow you to understand the word from different perspectives but it sets you up for working life as not everyone around you will be the same. Friends can be made once you get to your accommodation, when you’re in seminars or when you’re just out and about. You just have to remember that you have the potential and personality to get a great group of friends. Who wouldn’t want to friends with the kid whose left home and travelled to a different country to start his journey of life.

Be determined

There will come times when you will feel low, disheartened at not completing goals, extremely nervy on being unable to adjust to the new environment – but do not lose hope and curse yourself. Be determined and persistent. Failures and adversity are part (read the spice) of life. In some cases they are actually better than success because failures are more valuable teachers. Remember, the darkest hour is just before the dawn. Happy adjusting!

Be determined

Armed with these tips, you’re ready to take the big step and start your university career in style and comfort. These are some of the best years of your life, so make sure you make the most of them!

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