A big part of any study abroad experience in the UK is exploring and making the most of the opportunity away from home. But where do you start? Well if you’re a bit confused we have comprised a list of the top things to do before you start enjoying you’re time at university. 


Whether you’re flying over or taking alternative transports to come to the UK make sure you sort out your transport from home to university and back again to save you time and money. You might get a lift from a family member or friend, but if you have to book a flight, train or coach, book in advance so you won’t have to break the bank. With the great deals on flights you will be sure to find something that fits your budget and will the flexibility of changing your return dates there’s no reason why you shouldn’t book with StudentUniverse.

Insure Your Property

If you’re planning on going to university with a bit more than just your clothes than you need to make sure that your valuables are insured. Breaking your laptop or losing your phone can be very stressful so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Visas and paperwork

You need to ensure you have the correct visas and other paperwork to study in the UK. Information can be found online or at your local embassy, the UK encourages international students to study there, but you need to go through the processes and ensure you have a relaxed time here.If you have a particular preference of University,  you can always call up as there will often be a dedicated member of staff whose job it will be to help international students apply to their University.


Living on your own can be fun but it also means that you have a lot of responsibilities and will have to work out what’s best for you financially. To make sure that you never find yourself short of cash make sure you identify what is coming in and going out every month and work out weekly allowances for food, travel and clothes. If you are able to open up a student bank account for an interest free overdraft however just because it’s there does not mean that you can spend recklessly.

Connect With Your University On Social Media

Before you arrive at your chosen university you might want to find your university’s official Facebook page or their Twitter account for up to date announcements and the all-important fresher’s events. As well as loads of useful updates about freshers’ week tickets, you can find all you need to know about enrolling and other uni prep also you’ll have the chance to chat to fellow freshers and potential course and flatmates before you arrive!

Don’t Worry About Making Friends

Most people will arrive not knowing anyone so don’t think that you’re alone. Usually the people you live with will become a surrogate family for the first couple weeks of September and October (if you like each other that long). You’ll most likely attend events, football games and parties together and after a while you’ll all end up doing your own thing. Don’t worry you won’t be alone as you’ll would of made new friends in the computers labs, group projects, club meetings and sports teams and at parties. Just give it time.

Secure Your Accommodation

You have to make sure that your accommodation is secured before you come to university. Remember you are coming a long way from home so the worst thing is to be without a warm bed on your first night. Most universities will make student accommodation accessible for most first year students and especially international students; this will be your home for the following year so make sure that its somewhere that you’ll feel the most comfortable. Whether you want to live on campus or in privately rented accommodation it’s worth doing your research, and considering what might be best for you.

Have Fun

Make the most of you’re time, remember what you’re doing at university and enjoy your experience as you wont be able to redo your first time again.

Please share this post if it helped you when looking to study in the UK, and remember that if you’re a student or youth traveller, you can get discounted rates on flights, hotels and tours at StudentUniverse.



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