For those visiting the UK a good night out is essential in order to make the most out of your trip, however sometimes it can be hard to know exactly which City to go to or what to do. To help with that, here are a few ideas about where to go for a great night out in the UK.


Top UK Nightlife For International Students

Of course it is hard not to start with London when talking about the UK’s nightlife, after all it is the capital city and is full of life at all hours of the day. Here there is always something going on and so much variety for all walks of life. If you wish to go high-end you could opt for Mayfair clubs or South Kensington bars or alternatively something more relaxed and quirky could be found in Camden town or Shoreditch. For the warm summer nights a rooftop bar such as the Queen of Hoxton rooftop bar in Shoreditch, can be a nice change from the usual  and if you fancy a bit of bar hopping, Soho’s diverse and colourful bars and pubs will be sure to do the trick as it is an easy atmospheric walk from one to the other. If you don’t fancy going to a club or a bar, why not go for a ride on the London eye, in the summer months it is kept open later till about 8.30pm and those with a little extra cash could opt for the ‘champagne experience’ that they offer. Alternatively you could watch a comedy show, head to the west-end to watch the theatre or book a boat party trip along the river Thames, the possibilities are endless.


When venturing into Birmingham, head over to broad street and you will be sure to have a good night! This street is packed full of bars, restaurants, comedy clubs and some of Birmingham best nightclubs such as Gatecrasher. This huge venue has four separate rooms that caters to various different music tastes, keeping everyone happy. For a fun alternative Birmingham’s Grosvenor Casino can also be found here providing food, drinks and entertainment, not to mention it is open 24 hours. However if you are looking for a more relaxed evening why not try some of the intimate bars along the canal. You could say broad street is the home of Birmingham’s nightlife. Another place to visit in Birmingham’s is the rainbow venues, this venue is known to support homegrown artists and host popular headlining acts for your entertainment, you will always find this place buzzing. Finally, if you want to explore further into this exciting city, why not head to Southside (yes it is as cool as it sounds). An interesting place to visit is a place called Bambu, where you can enjoy cocktails in one of the private booth in their beautiful Moroccan themed gardens.


Brighton UK

Not too far from London, this costal city as often been praised for its lively nightlife and clubbing scene. A great thing about this place, is that you can pretty much find everything in the city centre. Many of Brighton’s clubs are found along the seafront under the arches, some going from relaxed bars in the day time to jam packed clubs in the evening. One of the most popular clubs found here is Coalition, a fantastic gig venue that often hosts popular DJs during the night. Another newer addition is Funfair, which has a more outlandish feel to it with a Victorian funfair theme and quirky decor, you and your friends can mess around by posing in their comedy postcard cuts outs or jumping in the big ball pit they have. Upwards from the seafront you will find the Brighton lanes, cute and quirky cobbled streets that are known to be filled with unusual shops and cafés, at night are home to bars restaurants and pubs of all varieties. These lanes are always full of a friendly atmosphere and there is sure to be a place which draws you in as you explore these lively lanes.


Liverpool has often been voted one of the best places to go out in the UK, and it is not hard to see why. Not only is there a very diverse range of things to do, but there is also a high quality of it. With major clubs, traditional pubs, comedy venues, dance warehouses and more, there is a lot to choose from. A starting point could be Seel Street where you can find yourself surrounded by Glamour and Latin dancers in Alma de Cuba which was previously a Polish church, or the ever lively Concert Square, where you can find more well known venues such as Revolution and the Walkabout. Alternatively if you are more interested in the traditional British idea of enjoying your night in the pub, Hardman Street could be a good option as there is no absence of that here. Last but certainly not least, there is the Baltic Triangle, this area used to be filled with abandoned warehouses, but in recent years it has began to be renovated, many club promoters have taken advantage of these building and created some of Liverpool’s most popular clubs. The area is also home to Constellations, which is an cool and relaxed urban bar garden where you can enjoy good food and even better entertainment with art and live music events.


Newcastle UK

When visiting Newcastle, the Newscastle Gateshead is often a first choice, with different venues close to the Gateshead Millennium Bridge. Those wanting to enjoy a relaxed atmosphere and beautiful views find Quayside appealing where they can find various bars and restaurants to their liking. Both new and old pubs and bars can be found in the area depending what you are looking for, and if you find yourself out late,  Riverside has DJs playing and music planting till 3am. If you are looking to get all dressed up and enjoy a more sophisticated evening, Collingwood Street (locally labelled ‘the Diamond Strip’) will provide you with the perfect place to start, you could try one of the stylish bars or go find yourself at the beautiful rooftop bar at Tokyo. Finally an alternative experience could be to follow the local ‘ale trail’, you will be able to appreciate true Geordie hospitality along with authentic local food and ales. This trail will give you a more cultural feel of the Newcastle nightlife and often ends in a venue filled with live music or comedy.

All of these cities are fantastic in their own way, all with a lot to offer you on a night out, so which ever you choose you will be sure to have a night to remember.

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