Winter experiences not to be missed

Winter may not yet be upon us, but there’s no harm in a little forward planning. Especially when it comes to travel! So we’re talking all things winter today. The festive period is a fantastic time to travel. Whether you’re jetting off to escape the cold weather, or you’re embracing the darker and colder months, we’ve got some winter wanderlust for you. So here are some of the best winter experiences that are not to be missed. (more…)

StudentLust Wednesday: Iceland

Studentlust (n): a strong desire or impulse for students to wander or travel and explore the world. Join us each Wednesday as we share the travel destinations we’re currently lusting over!

As one of Europe’s least populated country, Iceland remains a curious place for many travelers. From endless hours of sunlight to phenomenal, unspoiled wonders to their vibrant culture, there are plenty of reasons you will be enchanted to book your next holiday or gap year travel to Iceland.


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