Bucket lists are a great way to accomplish the desires or goals you which to achieve within your lifetime. They can be mile stones, or dream vacations you want to see before it’s too late. Here is a list of ten adventures we thought were impressive enough to make a few lists:

1. Step on to Antarctica

This frozen world has never been permanently inhibited by man.  Antarctica is a sight to see and something that man has yet to develop, which has left it untouched and tranquil. The silence and beauty will leave you wanting more from the frozen world you just entered.

10 Amazing Places to Add to your Bucket List

2.Hit the Galapagos Islands

Known to be one of the world’s best places to watch wildlife the Galapagos are crawling with a variety of animals that are not shy to the outside world. These fearless animals put on quit a show and leave you in awe as you explore the nature and the beauty the island has  to offer.

Hit the Galapagos Islands

3. Explore Patagonia

Rich with history Patagonia sits at the end of South America and offers views unlike any others. This beautiful land offers many myths and legends that can create and exciting atmosphere for the visitors touring through Patagonia.

Explore Patagonia

4. Walk the Great Wall of China

Though this could be a long walk considering the wall is 20,000 kilometers, each side of the wall and each step tells a different story many of the Chinese dynasties. An incredible site to see and stories to share the Great Wall will be an experience to remember.

Walk the Great Wall of China

5. Witness the Northern Lights

The Northern Lights is the amazing display of natural lights that dance across evening skies. The mysterious lights illuminate the sky and offer spectators an amazing show. The lights occur most in the arctic region, many tours and trips have been added to view the wonder of the Northern Lights.

Witness the Northern Lights

6. Visit the Grand Canyon

Unbeknownst to some the Grand Canyon is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Based in the Arizonan dessert the canyon is about 277 miles long with amazing views to see each step of the way. It also stays busy throughout the year shuttling five million tourist’s in and out, and offers different ways and activities to help you view the site.

Visit the Grand Canyon

7. Dive in Australia

Diving into the Great Barrier Reef in Australia is an exhilarating and eye opening experience. The colourful world down below opens up and you witness some spectacular views. The reef is the largest in the world, holding four hundred different types of coral and 1,500 different species of fish. With all of this just below you, you are bound to see some unforgettable sights.

Dive in Australia

8. Take an American Road Trip

Travelling through the highways on the American roads can be an interesting experience with a lot of memories. Stop to visit the Grand Canyon, Mount Rushmore, and travel down Bob Dylan’s Highway 61 Revisited.  There is much to see and the states are closer then you may think.

Take an American Road Trip

9. The Great Blue Hole in Belize 

The Great Blue Hole is a submarine sink hole located in Belize. If you are into scuba diving you have probably heard of it since it is the number one scuba diving spot in the world.

The Great Blue Hole in Belize 

10. Canopy tour in Costa Rica

Walking through the canopy (the upper most layers) of a CostaRican rain forest is a magical experience. Howler monkeys will soon envelope you and colorful birds will fly by you as you trek through the forest. If you are more of an adventurous type feel fry to zip line through the rain forest.

 Canopy tour in Costa Rica

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