As festival line-ups begin to be revealed, the countdown to summer is officially on. Will you be watching Hot Chip in the bright lights of Bristol, Arcade Fire on the slopes of Mount Cobetas or Axel Boman on a boat in the Adriatic Sea?

Whether you’re a seasoned welly wearer or a festival virgin, we’re going to enlighten you on the best student festivals to attend in 2016. Get these gems on your radar, pronto.

Bilbao BBK Live

It’s usually Barcelona’s Primavera Sound with its superlative line-up and gorgeous beach location that gets people all hot and bothered but this year an underdog by the name of Bilbao BBK Live has come up trumps. Well, that and Primavera sold out within minutes.

We’re not sure how BBK Live escaped our radar for so long but how could you ignore a line-up that boasts Arcade Fire, Foals, Tame Impala and New Order for the laughably cheap price of £69? With most festivals coming in at the £150+ price mark, BBK is a seriously good contender for festival of the year for affordability alone.

Then of course there’s the matter of the ridiculously strong location. Set at the foot of Mount Cobetas in beautiful Bilbao, you’re only an hour away from day trip dream, San Sebastian. We recommend adding a few days onto your trip just to enjoy the surrounding area.

When? 7-9th July, 2016

Where? Bilbao, North Spain

Nearest airport? Bilbao

How much will it set me back? With flights, accommodation and spending money we recommend budgeting at least £350 for your trip.


Love International, Croatia

When you imagine crazy boat parties, crystal clear water and hordes of bronzed goddesses dressed in bikinis most people think of Ibiza. In fact, it was The Garden Festival in Croatia that pioneered the international house music scene and the ultimate student festival.

Enjoying a decade long reign in the exceptional land of Tisno – trust us when we say it’s a sight for sore eyes – Garden went out with a bang last summer and Love International is the founder’s next venture.

The Love International formula is expected to be much the same as its predecessor: small capacity, superstar DJs and magical vibes with a sprinkling of new touches for good measure.

If you prefer intimate soirees with a community feel to huge arenas and overpriced drinks, this is the festival for you. Add to that the abundance of things to do in Tisno and Croatia at large, it’s a no brainer.

When? Tisno, Zadar

Where? 29th June- 6th July

Nearest airport? Zadar

How much will it set me back? This is more of a holiday than a festival. You’ll spend your days sunbathing and socialising and the nights can be as chilled or as manic as you like. With accommodation, flights, spending money and tickets we’d budget at least £500.


Boomtown Festival

There are two types of festival goer on this planet: there are those that go to see their favourite band and there are those that go for the “whole experience.” Glastonbury fits into the latter category by design because even if you want to see Future Islands in the John Peel tent followed by Kanye on the Pyramid Stage, you’d be more likely to walk from Swansea to Cardiff in less time.

Add to this the labyrinth booking process and expensive ticket price and you’d be better off heading to Boomtown for your experience festival fix.

Enter the fictional town of Boom and be swept up by its elaborate and vast design. Hired actors fill the city and each area is designed to immerse you in a dystopian fantasy. Take a trip to the job centre and be assigned your career, visit the Boomtown Bank to get your wages and explore the luminous hidden woods and visual art here, there and everywhere.

The music is known for being very bass heavy and the atmosphere is certainly more for the mayhem-inclined than the gin in teacups persona, but if you’re up for a disorderly end of year jolly with good company, Boomtown is the one.

When? 11-14th August 2016

Where? Hampshire, UK

How much will it set me back? Tickets are £135. We’d recommend adding at least another £100 on for spending money.

Festival No.6

Set in the medieval village of Portmerion, if you can’t hop on a plane this year, Festival No.6 is the next best option. Boasting pastel coloured portaloos, outdoor pools, a sublime beach and vast mountainous views, you couldn’t ask for more of a postcard perfect backdrop.

The programme is packed to the rafters with interesting musicians, actors and comedians plus a full-on carnival procession marches through the village on Saturday afternoon.

Out of all the festivals mentioned, No.6 is certainly the most family friendly so if you did want to take your old man or cousin Sophie, you could do so with ease. Be it a picnic on the green, an hour of investigate journalism in the film tent or a rave in the enchanted forest, No.6 caters for the lot. Plus it falls in September giving you something to look forward to once summer ends.

When? 1-5th September

Where? Portmeirion, North Wales

How much will it set me back? £170 for the ticket and an extra £100 for all those artisan burgers you’re bound to scoff.

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