Just because you are trading in your textbooks for a much needed holiday, does not mean you have to stop reading! Instead, this is the perfect time to take advantage of the fact that you can now read something you actually enjoy. After all the hard work you’ve been putting in, you deserve an extra dose of heart-warming inspiration.

Whether you are on a plane, boat, beach or train – take one (or all five) of these awe-inspiring books along for the journey! They might be just what you need to refuel your positive energy.

The 5 Love Languages


The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman. Whether or not you are a self-help believer, this book will surely change the way you look at your relationships. Chapman is an experienced marriage counselor, who created the five love languages – words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time and physical touch. Learning which ‘love language’ you and your loved ones speak, can help you to immensely understand (and improve) each important relationship.

The Alchemist


The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. This inspiring, easy to read book was originally published in the Portuguese language back in 1988. Since then, this story has become a popular page-turner all around the world (and in many languages). Coelho’s fictional novel is about a young shepherd boy, Santiago, who leaves his hometown in search of buried treasure in Egypt. Along the way, this book will take the reader on a spiritual journey – in the ultimate search for love and destiny.

The Happiness of Pursuit


The Happiness of Pursuit by Chris Guillebeau. This non-fiction book is easily one of the most travel-inspiring reads to date – for any level of traveller. Whether you are setting out for a short week away, or a year long journey around the world: this book will surely bring you joy and enrichment along the way. Let The Happiness of Pursuit be not only an inspiration to travel; but more importantly an inspiration to let travel change your life.

The Book of Awesome


The Book of Awesome by Neil Pasricha. As the title may imply – this book is simply filled with hundreds of little and awesome things we often take for granted. For example: popping bubble wrap, hitting a bunch of green lights in a row, or picking the perfect nacho off someone else’s plate. There is no arguing that these tiny little accomplishments often go unnoticed – and why should they? This book is easy to pick up anytime; whether you have an hour of free time, or simply one minute to feel inspired.

The Opposite of Loneliness


The Opposite of Loneliness, a collection of essays and stories written by Marina Keegan. An award-winning author, actress and activist – Keegan suddenly and tragically lost her life in 2012. This book showcases her undeniable talent and pure passion for writing. Keegan’s voice remains in each line of every story – only making it that much more inspiring and special to read.

Hopefully this list will help inspire you to get lost in a new adventure (and not just in real life). Let these books take you away to a new and exciting place!


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