Juggling lectures, seminars, readings and socialising can be a struggle; especially in your first term. And as reading week fast approaches, why not give yourself a well-deserved autumn break? And if you’re not sure autumn is the right time to book your next adventure, we’ve put together this handy list of the top 5 reasons why travelling in autumn really is the best.

1. There’s a lot going on

You may have missed the summer festivals, but there is a lot taking place in the autumn months too. In Europe you have Oktoberfest. And a little further a field you’ve got the colourful Diwali festival and Dia de Los Muertos in Mexico.

2. Prices are considerably cheaper

Kids have gone back to school, the weather (in some places) has finally cooled down and the crowds have, for the most part, dispersed. All these factors add up to great travel discounts for you.

3. Your photos will look awesome

The colours of autumn are fantastic. We’re talking burnt oranges, warm browns and fiery reds. And this explosion of colour will make a perfect backdrop to your autumn holiday photos!

4. There are fewer people travelling

If you’re looking for an in deal to holiday whilst avoiding crowds, autumn is the perfect time. The hoards of families and summer travellers have returned to the classrooms or back to work, leaving you with more time to enjoy your chosen destination, in relative calm.

5. Downtime before Christmas

The festive period is usually jam-packed for most! Visits home, Christmas Markets and last minute essay writing. So try to squeeze in a trip this year, before the festive period approaches and you run out of time!


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