Are you tired of reading the same articles online about ‘best places to go for a romantic weekend’ or ‘50 reasons why having a cat and an Amazon Firestick is better than a boyfriend’? As an avid solo traveller I thought I’d give you recommendations of the best holiday destinations for singles.

Bangkok, Thailand


As in Alex Garland’s ‘The Beach,’ all epic trips to Southeast Asia begins in Thailand’s bustling Capital. With thousands of backpackers beginning their adventures, there’s no better place than the Khao San Road to meet people you’ll spend months travelling with. It may be a backpacker stereotype but there’s a reason this place is so popular.

Uluru, Australia


If you’re travelling alone for exactly that reason there’s nowhere quite like twenty-four thousands square kilometres of Australian Outback to fit in some me time. Whilst Uluru and nearby Kata Tjuta attract hundreds of thousands of tourists each year the desert is so vast it’s not hard to find your own patch of sand from which to see the rock.

Pai, Thailand


An overnight Train further north of Bangkok you’re the world away from the bustling city. Pai represents a world gone by where backpacker communes were the norm here and you could turn up alone and become a member of a community hidden in the hills of Thailand. It may have changed a lot from when the first backpackers arrived in the seventies but it’s still a great place to escape the stresses of modern life and is one of the best holiday destinations for singles

New Orleans, USA


Whilst the city’s all booked up for this years Mardi Gras New Orleans kicks off every night of the year. With some of the most exciting new hostels in the USA it’s another place where you’ll only start your stay alone and with free concerts, in the Old US mint and Blues spilling out of most of the town’s bars, it’s a real unique American choice.

Koh Rong, Cambodia


The problem with a lot of the Thai Islands is that they’ve become overrun with tourists with open coasts and dirt tracks giving way to private beaches and tarmac roads. Koh Rong in Cambodia represents everything Thailand used to be an Island paradise just far enough off the beaten to avoid the crowds but on it enough to create an ideal backpacker beach atmosphere.

Prague, Czech Republic


Admittedly this is one you’d more likely find on a list of ‘ideal couples escapes’ but Prague is an ideal location for solo travellers. With some of the best hostels and bars in Europe and a myriad of laneways and back roads you could get lost in for weeks, it’s an ideal destination for anyone.

Bagan, Myanmar


Another one for the solitude seeker. Myanmar’s temples may not be as famous as the Complex as Angkor but this means you’ll be sharing the sunrise with less than 40 people as opposed to twenty thousand. Whilst the city may be big it’s easily accessible on hybrid bicycles so you can find your own nirvana with a Stupa-endous view.

Queenstown, New Zealand


For adrenaline fuelled fun there isn’t quite anywhere like the self-proclaimed ‘adventure capital of the world.’ Turning up on your own isn’t a problem as it’s surprisingly easy to make friends jumping out of a plane at 15,000 feet or white water rafting down Cataract gorge and even a tandem bungee.

Porto, Portugal


Portugal’s one of those ‘in’ places of 2017 and Port’s always been one of its top destinations. The country’s food and drink capital are popular with European weekend awayers and antipodean backpackers alike giving it a great sociable atmosphere. Take their choice from the many riverfront bars for one of Europe’s best sunsets.

Tierra del Fuego, Argentina


Sometimes you have to escape to the end of the earth to find your solitude. Whilst Antarctica may be out of reach for today’s travellers ‘The Land of Fire’ is the next best thing. The vast plains dispersed with snow-crested mountains make this an ideal place for an alone hike and escapist’s dream.

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