Australia’s Northern Territory – or ‘the NT’ as locals call it – is one of the best places in the world for students and young people from the UK to live and work. You can easily pick up an Australian Working Holiday Visa and head out there to soak up the awesome lifestyle, while choosing from an abundance of working opportunities.

The main entry point is Darwin, a laidback city basking on the northern coast, and there’s a ton of awesome stuff to do in and around that area. And once you’ve soaked up all the Top End has to offer, you can adventure further south to the Red Centre, to world wonders like Uluru. Check out our recommendations below of the top 5 things to do in the NT.

1. Explore Darwin

First port of call for the NT is Darwin. This tropical city is super laidback and welcoming, and a great place to initially base yourself. There are lots of beachfront bars and restaurants – perfect for catching one of the sunsets the city is famous for – and lots to do in the day, too. You could jump on a James Bond-themed jet ski tour of the harbour to get an epic view of the city, or brave the ‘Cage of Death’ at Crocosaurus Cove, which allows you to swim in a (extremely safe) glass tube and see salt water crocodiles close up!

2. Chase waterfalls at Litchfield National Park

Just an hour’s drive south of Darwin you can find Litchfield National Park. This place is AMAZING. Scored with beautiful gorges and stunning waterfalls filling idyllic swimming holes, Litchy (as it’s known to NT locals) makes for a perfect day trip from Darwin, or even a weekend escape. Don’t miss Florence Falls (twin waterfalls plunging into a swimming hole), Wangi Falls and the gigantic termite mounds dotted around the landscape.

3. Canoe down Nitmiluk Gorge

If there’s one thing the NT isn’t short on it’s spectacular scenery, and Nitmiluk Gorge is testament to this. Located about 150 miles southeast of Darwin, this ancient sandstone canyon has been carved over millennia by the Katherine River, whose gentle green waters make for an ideal place to canoe. There are also trails running along the rim of the gorge, allowing you to see incredible views of the river far below.

4. Take a road trip to the Red Centre

Australia was made for road trips, and the NT offers the best of the lot. The Stuart Highway connects the north and south of the country, passing through 1700 miles of glorious Outback, and it’s this road you’ll need to get to the Red Centre, home of world wonders Uluru and Kings Canyon. The distance from Darwin to Uluru is about 1200 miles, so you’ll want to factor in some stops along the way! Fortunately there are lots of campsites, including one at the ethereal Devil’s Marbles, which can be found about halfway along the route south.

5. Get a job!

One of the best things to do in Australia is a working holiday, and the Northern Territory is one of the country’s best regions in which to do that. Most travellers base themselves in either Darwin, close to highlights including Kakadu National Park, Litchfield National Park and Nitmiluk Gorge, or Alice Springs, close to Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park and Kings Canyon.

You’ll find heaps of employment options, covering everything from working with cattle on beautiful Outback ranches, or working with people in the buzzing lights of Darwin. It’s important to have a Working Holiday Visa, as this will give you permission by the Australian government to work for up to 12 months once you’ve entered the country. And the best news? If you live and work in the NT, you don’t have to do the (usually required) 88 days of farm work to qualify for your second year!

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