That title is misleading. You all know how to ski on a student budget! You just need book onto the university Ski Trip, right? Think again. With its deceptively low prices, your university Ski Trip might seem like the cheapest option, however, when essentials such as ski hire and lift passes are sold as “add-ons” to that attractive original price, your budget can go out the window.

In this blog we’ll be looking at ‘How to Plan a Ski holiday on a Student Budget. My advice to you is to gather your nearest and dearest friends around a laptop and go off-piste with a Ski Trip all of your own! Here is how:

Shop around.  So there you all are, gathered around your laptops, full of excitement and ready to fork out on the first offer that comes your way. Try to slow down and shop around! There are so many great websites with student-targeted bargains, seasonal deals, and all-inclusive offers, so make sure you do your homework. Be aware that traditional and well-known resorts will be pricey, so why not consider somewhere smaller, with a good snow forecast?


Cook for yourself. A lot of hotels and accommodation in ski resorts will offer food for an additional price, but I would highly recommend opting for a self-catered option! It gives you much more control over your budget, your diet and your meal times, as well as giving you the opportunity to cook with your friends, which is always fun!


Make friends with your rep. If you have booked through a package deal company, you will be assigned a rep (if not, find one – they will be the ones in official looking jackets who have been awake since 5am, can’t miss them!) It is well worth making friends with your rep, as they can give you all the local knowledge – cheapest places for dinner, varying happy hours and more importantly the quietest slopes!


Be prepared. It sounds dull, but it pays off. Before you fly, make sure you think about what you’ll need. On top of all the obvious ski gear, pack cereal bars, multipacks of chocolate and (personal choice here) a bunch of tea bags, to save you from early morning disappointment or munchies on the slopes. When you get to your resort head to the nearest supermarket and you’ll be able to buy everything you need for a packed lunch, freeing up your money for much needed hot chocolates and vin-chauds!


Be patient. Finally, be patient, sometimes doing holidays on the cheap means you will have to queue a little longer or make your own way without a fast-track or tailored experience. This really is part of the fun though – if you haven’t been standing outside for 20 minutes in the snow, waiting for a free shuttle instead of calling a taxi, are you even doing it right? Remember that no matter how long you have to wait for a ski-lift, the view from the top will still be amazing when you get there!


You can also save a load of money by being smart and skiing safe – get your travel insurance up to date, make sure it covers your valuables and medical care, take an EHIC card if you’re skiing within the EU, and be aware that a lot of insurance won’t cover off-piste ski! The Foreign and Commonwealth Office has some great advice on their Ski Safe campaign. This will save you so much money in medical bills or missing iPhones. Most of all, the best way to enjoy your budget Ski Trip is to embrace it! Enjoy the free thrill of adrenaline as you fly down the slopes, knowing that it was worth every penny!

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