The student lifestyle is often associated with the sacrifice of luxuries, such as trips abroad and epic touring experience. We all know too well the student loan struggle, leaving you pinching pennies and living off beans on toast at the end of each semester.

But with the help of StudentUniverse UK you can find some of the best deals to enjoy the holidays all year round, regardless of the state of your bank balance! Because who needs a trip more than a third year who’s just handed in their dissertation? Here are some of my top tips for the ultimate summer get-away on a budget.


Leave the emotional kind at home and head to the cobbled streets of Italy or the sparkling sunsets of Croatia. But, when booking flights make sure you’re not caught out by hidden fees. Let’s start with the obvious. If you can, just take hand luggage (you really don’t need 3 pairs of shoes). For long haul trips split the cost of one big suitcase between friends or a partner and pack all your beauty products etc. in there- there’s no point having one each. And, watch out for hidden fees and airlines enforcing fees for cabin baggage. Just double check when booking your flight if it includes baggage or not as you might incur huge charges later.

Student ID

You might want to forget university exists during the holidays but your ID can get you discounted entry to museums, galleries and experiences all around the world! It’s worth keeping this in your purse or wallet for your upcoming trip this summer. 

Life’s Fantastic…Without Single-use Plastic

Take your refillable water bottle. It’s 2019 so we obviously don’t use single-use plastics anymore, but this isn’t something that should be disregarded the moment you hit foreign ground. Many airports and shopping centres will have fountains. Take your bottle, save the planet and your bank balance at the same time. (Be wary of drinking from taps in certain countries of course- check with Google or a concierge). Similarly, taking a Tupperware can be an ingenious move on holiday, an essential for lunch on the beach and saves you from the dreaded crunch of a sandy baguette. W.W.D.A.D. (What would David Attenborough do)

Get friendly With the Locals.

Although this can be easier said than done, how often do you find yourself shelling out the big bucks for a tourist attraction that turns out to be hugely over-crowded and over-hyped? Locals often know the hidden gems and best ways to truly experience a country’s culture, at a fraction of the price. Immerse yourself in the culture and community away from the insta-worthy destinations you’ve seen online. You (and your bank account) won’t regret it.

Make the Most of Free Food

Whoever said there’s no such thing as a free lunch (or breakfast) never planned a holiday properly. Many hotels and hostels offer free breakfast as part of the room price. This is a chance to fill up on toast, fruit and coffee ahead of a busy day of relaxing or exploring. Eating a big (and free) meal in the morning will save you money throughout the day as you may only need a light lunch, or no lunch at all. 

And if you’re considering booking a trip this summer after reading Alice’s blog, take a look at our website for some of the best flights deals for students.


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