It’s Oscar season, and there’s no better way to fuel your wanderlust than seeing some of the best destinations in the world on the big screen! Why not let this year’s nominees for Best Picture inspire your next adventure? We’ve put together a list of all the travel-worthy destinations from the best movies of the year:

1. Call Me by Your Name – Italy


This romance movie takes place in enchanting Northern Italy, the picturesque countryside location features wine tours, beautiful weather and amazing food. If cities like Florence, Milan and Venice weren’t on your bucket list, you’ll want to add them after seeing this movie!

2. The Shape of Water – Baltimore


Sally Hawkins plays a Baltimore girl in love with an amphibious humanoid. While you probably can’t get into the secret underground facility from the film, you can visit the city of Baltimore. The city has an incredible aquarium (in keeping with the movie).

3. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri – North Carolina


You’d think this one would be the easiest with the destination in the name! But Ebbing, Missouri is not actually a real place but you can go to the town it was shot in called Slyva in the state of North Carolina. The town has actually created a must-do itinerary based off of the film.

4. Darkest Hour & Phantom Thread – London


We’ve put these two incredible movies together as they’re both set in London, one of the greatest cities in the world! Make sure you to add a visit to the Churchill War Rooms if you’re a fan of Darkest Hour.

5. Lady Bird – California


This incredible coming of age movie directed by Greta Gerwig takes place in Sacramento, California. Sacramento serves as the state capital of California and they now offer a free Lady Bird walking tour in the city so you can take selfies in some of the iconic locations from the movie, including the famous Blue House that Lady Bird pretends to live in!

6. Get Out – Alabama


The exact location of this movie is ambiguous but it was filmed in various parts of the US state of Alabama.

7. The Post – Washington D.C.


The Post primarily takes places in Washington D.C. which is the capital of the United States. Washington D.C. should be on all USA itineraries as it has so many things to do. Make sure to around the National Mall and visit the Smithsonian.

8. Dunkirk – France


Dunkirk takes place in (you guessed it!) Dunkirk. It tells the true story of the Miracle at Dunkirk. It’s a great place to visit if you’re interested history as you can visit some incredible historical sites, like the beach where all the soldiers were evacuated.

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