St Patrick’s Day is coming up and maybe this year it’s time to see what other places have to offer during this celebration of Irish heritage and culture. So put on your best green clothes and grab a pint of your favourite Irish stout because it’s time to figure out where you’re heading for this St Patrick’s Day.

1. Dublin


The capital of Ireland, this is a great time to visit Dublin for a traditional St. Patrick’s Day celebration. Dublin tends to be less of a crazy party but much more of a traditional St Patrick’s Day so if you’re looking for something more authentic Dublin is the place to be. The festivities include lots of traditional live music as well as large feasts.

2. Belfast


This city has an amazing carnival for St Patrick’s Day and a 10K marathon if you’re into that sort of the thing. The Barge (a floating restaurant/bar) is also holding an St Patrick’s day celebration as well that is BYOB (bring your own booze). The St George’s Market also opens its door to the public so if you’re in the mood for traditional Irish Food, it’s got you covered.

3. Chicago

No, your eyes are fine, Chicago literally just dyes their river green for the occasion. The infamous Windy City also boasts the most parties and festivals per capita so odds are you’ll find one that suits you. There are also three different parades so there are options there as well.

4. Boston


St Patrick’s Day parade in Boston stretches for two miles and the city also has an incredible amount of Irish pubs – perfect for a bar crawl with 15 bars and about 2000 people this is the place to visit. If you’re into Celtic Punk music (who isn’t?) the Dropkick Murphys also play in Boston as part of an annual tradition at the house of Blues throughout the week.

5. New York


Every year New York City hosts the largest St Patrick’s Day celebration in the world. Revellers line the streets of Fifth Avenue for the parade and the city is filled with endless things to do like whiskey and stout tastings. If you want to experience a different side of the holiday you could also visit St Patrick’s Cathedral to learn a little bit before you go back to consuming various green coloured beverages.

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