It’s the holidays! Time to ditch your textbooks, let your hair down, unwind and travel the world! Whether you plan to backpack, road-trip, or simply lounge by the beach, we have the top student summer travel tips to help prepare you and stay safe during your adventure.


Make traveling convenient and easy on yourself by packing light! Pack what you think you will need and then cut that in HALF. Leave your bottles of sunscreen and bug spray at home—you can easily buy any products at a convenience store once you arrive to your destination.


Summer is the peak holiday season for top travel destinations. It’s easy to get carried away under the sun with excessive spending on food, drink, souvenirs, etc. Set a daily budget for yourself so you are not blowing through your money and remember to spend where it really matters. Before you go, bag a bargain with deals on Flights with StudentUniverse.


Always be alert and aware of your surroundings. Keep your bags in sight, valuables hidden and nothing in your pockets. Pickpocketting is most prevalent in the summer months in Europe. Be attentive when visiting tourist attractions, museums, restaurants, and using public transportation.


Hotels and hostels sell out quickly during the summer months. Plan ahead and search for accommodations in advance so you are not stuck spending a fortune for a bed. Consider looking into hotels that are further away from the main attractions- a little walking never hurt nobody! Download our Flights app to easily book accommodation from anywhere in the world.



Get in touch with your credit card company and notify them that you will be travelling around. Let them know when and where exactly you will be so you can avoid your card getting frozen. No card = no spending money = no fun!


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