Thinking of heading on a trip this summer but finding that deciding when to book your flights is proving almost as difficult as deciding on the destination? Worry no more – we’ve got you covered. We looked at the data on our website from last year to find some of the best times to book your trip. Whether it’s to Europe, Asia or the US, we’ve got the answers. Plus some pretty sweet deals on flights for students and youths (up to 34 years-old in some cases) too!

Cheap summer flights to Europe

Looking for cheap flights to Europe for the summer? Well, we’ve got you! The key to booking flights from the UK to Europe is forward planning. Booking your flights early could save you a lot of money. So whether you’re looking at Copenhagen to get your scandi fix, Berlin or Lisbon to explore the incredible street art or Paris or Bologna for delectable dishes, we can save you money.  February is the cheapest month to book your trip (perfect timing!) before the prices spike again in March. If you aren’t able to commit to booking your trip this far in advance don’t worry about that either. Prices dip again in June, so this may be the perfect opportunity to get your hands on a great deal for your European summer break.

Cheap summer flights to Southeast Asia

Explore the temples of Thailand and Cambodia, the bustling cities of Vietnam and some of the best surfing beaches in Bali. Whether you’re embarking on an epic backpacking trip or just popping to one or two countries for a short break, you’re going to want to get the best deal on flights. That’s where we come in. As well as our student and youth discounts, we know exactly the best time to book to save you money. April and May are the best times to get low fares from the UK to South East Asia. If you want a last-minute trip, this will cost you, so best to avoid booking during June, July and August. 

Cheap summer flights to the US

Want to experience what New York City is like in the summer, or take a hike to get some of the best views of the Golden Gate’s Bridge? But not sure when the best time to book that summer break to the USA is? Well, we’ll let you into a little secret. The time is now. Prices are at their very lowest throughout January and February, and then slowly begin to rise. Booking a trip to the USA from the UK for the summer, during summer, if it can be helped, is a huge no no. Prices begin to rise from May and continue to increase in price until July. And if you aren’t able to get to the USA this summer, you can book your next trip towards the end of this year. September especially looks like the best time to book. 

We’re always looking to help you travel more for less, so we hope the above tips have been helpful. Be sure to check out our promo code page to save even more off flights. And if you’re a new customer to StudentUniverse don’t forget to use NEW10 at the checkout, to save £10 off flights.

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