Wondering where to go this year? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve listed some of our favourite destinations to help you plan your next holiday and semester break so you can brag to all your friends that you went there first. Here are the top 10 countries to visit in 2018. Start packing.

1. Iceland



The land of ice and fire is filled with epic experiences and photo opportunities The natural spring and the natural beauty of the landscapes will take your breath away. The volcanic landscape is picturesque. From the Northern Lights to breathtaking waterfalls, the only question we have is why haven’t you visited already?

Return flights from £70*

2. USA


A trip to the States is a big tick on the bucket list. Live your American dream in 2018 by visiting the Big Apple, taking a road trip along the iconic Route 66 or wandering the glorious parks and beaches of the West Coast. The US has something for every kind of travel from the city explorer to the nature wanderer. You cannot go wrong visiting here.

Return flights from £357*

3. Japan


Sushi, sake and slopes…oh yes, it’s Japan! This magical country is an exciting mix of modern and ancient If you going during the Cherry Blossom season you’ll be blown away by how incredibly magical it looks. From the high-tech bustle of Tokyo to the serenity of its temples – get ready for the ultimate sensory overload!

Return flights from £427*

4. Australia


Like the sound of outback adventures, city treading and beach bliss? If so, the Land Down Under should absolutely be on your bucket list! The incredible beaches, landscapes, and unique wildlife of this incredible country are a must-see. Say g’day to this backpacker paradise in 2018 and get exploring!

Return flights from £437*

5. Chile


Planning a trip to South America in 2018? Make sure you add Chile to your itinerary. The landscapes are incredible so you’ll want to pack a camera. From the wilds of Patagonia and the Atacama Desert to the vibrant capital of Santiago – you’ll want to visit this stunning country!

Return Flights from £534*

6. Costa Rica


Rainforests, hot springs, beautiful beaches and wildlife reserves. Do any of these sounds like a wonderful time? You’re going to want to book a flight to Costa Rica then, with its micro-climates this beautiful country has a little something, everyone.

Return Flights from £438*

7. Netherlands


With its massive windmills, beautiful views and vibrant capital city of Amsterdam, the Netherlands should be a must visit for 2018. The locals are welcoming and the food here is incredible. Spend some time in beautiful art galleries and of course, the Heineken brewery.

Return Flights from £66*

8. Morocco


With beautiful gardens, deserts and wonderful local cuisine, Morocco should be on the list for every traveller in 2018. The city of Marrakesh is a bustling market town and the Jardin Mallore are must-see destinations. Book an overnight stay in the Sahara desert and stare at the stars or spend some time in the incredibly beautiful cities.

Return Flights from £181*

9. Canada


From the beautiful Niagara falls in the east to the scenic Rockies in the west, the Great White North is beautiful no matter how you look at it. The people of Canada are amazingly friendly as well.Both the natural beauty and the wonderful cities are great places to spend some time in during 2018.

Return Flights from £368*

10. Belgium


Waffles, Beer, chocolate and fries sounds like a dream come true but the dream is real in Belgium. From Bruges to Brussels, this is a country where you’ll be wanting to spend time in 2018. The country boasts some of the coolest architecture and some of the best beer as well so you’ll definitely want to spend some time here.

Return Flights from £130*

So there you have it, our travel list for 2018. So go on, get to planning already! The year will be over before you know it.


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