The year 2016 is full of resolutions: going back in shape, studying harder, reuniting with old friends and, surely, traveling and visiting places you’ve never been before. Start your all-year travel itinerary by knowing the top 10 destinations to visit in 2016.


If you’re seeking peace and serenity, then Zimbabwe is perfect for you. This country has less crowd and more serene places to visit. It boasts its large forests and wildlife areas wherein visitors can find the most amazing creatures in flesh such as hippos, zebras and elephants. Pay a visit to the National Park, reunite with Mother Nature in the canoe safari, and go for a dip in the widely-famous Victoria Falls.



Of course, Hawaii will always have a spot in everyone’s travel itinerary. But if you want to escape into a truly enchanting by-the-sea paradise, then one of the destinations to visit in 2016 might as well visit the island of Lanai. With a fewer crowd, less vehicles, almost no traffic lights, and merely a couple of hotels in the area, this island gives you a vibe of sweet privacy. Couples on their honeymoon better check out Lanai’s accommodations.

Bocas Del Toro

This archipelago in Panama is a great refuge for beach bums. With its crystal clear waters, overwater bungalows and first-class seafood restaurants, the whole place will never disappoint you. There’s more to see in here aside from lovely beaches: huge savannas, tropical rain forests and isolated beaches. Plus, don’t miss out on a chance to travel underwater and see its abundant coral reefs stuffed with marine life.

Bocas del Toro


France, particularly Paris, isn’t all about design and fashion, because somewhere in here lies a charming town called Lille that you just can’t ignore. Revisit the history of France in the town’s modern art museum. Plus, have a cozy dining experience in some of its neo-bistros and beer dens.


Guadalajara wouldn’t be a Mexican hotspot for no reason. It displays the most intricate kind of art, like music, painting and architecture. Want to see murals by the ever-famous José Clemente Orozco? Then travel along the sidewalks beside local buildings and don’t get surprised when you see such murals hanging in them. Don’t forget to check out their book fairs and some of the world’s most prestigious film festivals.


As soon as January, set foot on one of Southeast Asia’s most popular getaways ever. Experience nature at its best with the country’s several beaches. Laugh with friendly locals, have a taste of unique Filipino foods, and travel to its many spots that tourists just can’t get enough of. Party people should head off to Manila or Cebu City where endless bars rest.



One of the richest cities in China, this city is home to extraordinary architectural works,  top-notch restaurants and luxury hotels. The overly-modern vibe, however, goes well with the natural splendor of West Lake around it.


Discover the beauty of Iran this 2016! This is one of the destinations to visit in 2016 that features remarkable architecture, the flight of Safavid kings, the Great Bazaar of Esfahan, the amazing mosques of Kashan and the astonishing gardens of Shiraz.



This is not just a destination for businessmen and bankers, but also for travellers looking to experience something new this 2016. Visit their diners that offer authentic German cuisine as you stay cozily in one of its futuristic-looking hotels.


A fan of Korean pop culture? Then this place is perfect for you! Seoul has so much to offer, from ski experience, cheap bazaars, restaurants that serve delicious Korean cuisine, to late-night concerts featuring famous Korean artists.


With so many countries around the world make sure this year you take a flight to somewhere new.

Writer: Jonathan Leger is a small business owner and personal development enthusiast.


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