There’s no surprise that Dubai has become a tourist Mecca but recently studies has shown that it has become increasingly popular with youth travellers alongside everyday spectators.  Whether it’s shopping, architecture or popular culture Dubai has a way of captivating the needs of all.  With so many cheap flights to Dubai at the moment, there’s no reason not to go. Here are our top ten reasons you should be considering travelling to Dubai.


If you are a lover of all things architecture then prepare to be amazed at some of the most spectacular skylines this world has ever seen. Dubai offers a variety of skyscrapers such as the Burj Khalifa which is the tallest man made structure on earth, the Marina which is houses 4 of the 5 tallest residential buildings in the world and Burj Al Arab hotel, wherever you are or whatever you do you’re not too far away from remarkable designs.


Safety should always be a main priority and you’d be happy to know that Dubai is considered one of the safest cities in the world. It has been said that crime is pretty much non-existent and where the city becomes more globalised it has been untouched by crime. Emirates police are always around and the locals are extremely helpful so whether you’re travelling with a group of friends or alone you are deemed to be safe.


If you fancy yourself as a bit of an explorer, than you should visit Dubai because you won’t get a variety of adventures anywhere else. Dubai  offers skydiving experiences from the famous Palm Jumeirah, indoor skiing built inside the Mall of Emirates and hot air balloon rides. If this isn’t enough then you can also go swimming with some of the most exquisite creatures, quad biking in the desert or go on a safari.


There’s nothing wrong with being a gold-digger in Dubai in the terms of finding the right price especially on a student budget. You can get yourself an amazing deal at the Gold Souk which is an Arabian jewellery market located in the oldest part of the city. Dubai is known to be the biggest transit city for gold in the world and with approximately 10 tons of gold being present in the souk you’re not too far on getting yourself a spectacular deal.


Can all the real foodies please stand up! Dubai is made up of 200 nationalities so there’s no surprise that you can expect a range of cuisines. You’ll be spoiled for choice by the variety which boosts of: Middle Eastern, Malaysia, Indian, Chinese, Philippines and Singapore. If these don’t rock your boat then you’ll be happy to know that there are a range of restaurants even American diners so what are you waiting for Dubai has a lot in store for you.


It’s not all glitz and glam in Dubai as this city offer a beautiful mix of cultures, religions and history. You can start off by visiting the Jumeirah Mosque which is situated on the Beach Road, here you’ll be fascinated with the superb traditions and architecture. If you’re looking to discover more of the history of Dubai then you should visit the Dubai Museum, Alserkal Avenue art district, Sheikh Saeed al Maktoum House and Bastakiya. With so many reasons why you should visit Dubai let its culture be one of it.


Dubai has changed over the 20 years and if you’re looking to invest in yourself or venture than there’s no better place to do it than Dubai. You should visit Dubai because properties and infrastructure is on the rise. A country based off its oil economy has meant that opportunities are endless especially for those looking to start a career, internship or study abroad.

Party Scene

Don’t let misconceptions fool you, Dubai really knows how to get down.  Despite not being able to drink in public without a license you’ll be happy to know that Dubai does infact sell alcohol.  With  a variety of beaches there’s no shortage of partygoers. Dubai has a far share of beach bars and clubs with some of the best DJ’s , so make sure you’re heading down to Pacha, Blue Marlin Ibiza and Mahiki for some real fun.

Travel Somewhere Different

There’s no better time to travel especially as a millennial and with flights coming in and out of the country you’ll be surprised to how close Dubai is to the rest of the world. Dubai’s International Airport recently took the title as the busiest airport from London Heathrow with over 70 million passengers passing through every year. With the fantastic deals with have with Emirates Airline which we must say has grown to be the world’s biggest international airline there’s really no excuse to visit Dubai.


Did someone say VAT free… Dubai is every shopaholic’s dream. If the world’s largest shopping centre (Dubai Mall) doesn’t do it for you then you should know that Dubai has been ranked the world’s second most important international retail destination. Everyone travels near and far to experience some of the best designer brands, cars, jewellery  and shoes and where most countries have January sales, Dubai offers a month long shopping festival so what are you waiting for?


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