Top 5 Destinations To Visit For The Best Cuisine

Food and travel go together like planes and airports. No matter where you go you’ll have little trouble finding at least one culinary experience that signifies the local culture. Here at StudentUniverse we have come up with the top five countries with some of the most enchanting delicacies that you have to try out.


Opposite from India, China and Oceania; you can just about say that Thailand is definitely a mix of all three. Dishes are usually served with a lot of chillis and garlic so make sure your taste buds can stand the heat. Whilst out and about why not ask for a phrik khii nuu variety which is a mix of peppers, lime juice and fish, a traditional dish for most locals that will keep you coming back for round two.

Thailand cuisines


With over 300 types of sausages and cheese Italian cuisine is literally like no other. With Italian roots stretching back to the 4th BC, Italy soon developed alongside its food choices which incorporated potatoes, tomatoes, pepper and corn to all its ingredients. If you’re a lover of food then Italy might be your motherland as a typical Italian meal consists of an: antipasto (the appetiser), primo (pasta or rice dish), secondo (meat course) and dolce (dessert). Why not take this trip with friends as there’s so much food to go around.

Italy cuisines


If you’re an explorer then India is the place for you. With a continuous stream of different cuisines as you travel in between neighbourhoods and town; you’ll never be stuck for choice. If you’re looking for something to ease you into authentic Indian cuisine then make sure you ask for some roti which is usually accompanied with dhal, vegetables and chutney. Fish or meat can be added but may we warn you it can be very hot as Indian is home to the most unique and exotic spices so your taste buds will definitely notice a change.

India cuisines


If you had to live somewhere else forever then you might want to choose Mexico. The cuisine of the Mesoamerican country has a little bit of everything so you’ll never run out of options. With so much to do in Mexico like scuba diving and visiting the Mayan Riviera; you should round the evening off with some enchiladas, taco and some helados.  These are usually said to be a mix of Greek, Indian and Thai specialities that will make you believe a fiesta is going on in your mouth. However if you’re clean eating then mexico is also the place for you as it is known a central station for nutritional super foods. All that avocado, tomato, lime and garlic with beans and chocolates and chillies to boot, is rich with antioxidants and vitamins.

The cuisine of the Mesoamerican


If you’re one of those people who doesn’t like to eat because “there’s more to life than food” then you need to visit Paris. It’s a city of love as its fine architectures are sure to captivate your hearts alongside its food. France has everything from cheese and champagne to snails and baguettes; a little something for everyone. You’ll find that the different regions of France has a specialised dishes and if that wasn’t enough lunch is usually two hours, comprised of six distinct plats (courses) which means you’ll never go hungry !

France Eiffel Tower

There’s a world of opportunity out there just waiting to be explored, so make sure you don’t miss out! Remember, the only thing that’s limiting you is your imagination.

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