If you’re wondering what are some of the most interesting and beautiful landscapes in South America, look no further. Whether you are looking for scenic parks, wildernesses or an idyllic peaceful backwater, we have something for everyone. We have put together the top 5 South American destinations you need to consider this summer.


Stretching from the deserts of the Andes to the magnificent rain-forest of the Amazon, Bolivia encompasses an astonishing range of landscapes and climates.  This is one country you must visit if you’re looking for mystical adventure, with attractions including stark otherworldly salt pans, ancient Inca trails and towering volcanic peaks. Centuries of colonial has meant that Bolivia has multiple languages, religions and architecture, encompassing the country’s diversity.  You’ll be pleased to know that Bolivia is a very student friendly country with prices relatively low and known as on the continents safest countries for travelers; you can feel relaxed that you won’t have to break the bank to visit somewhere so beautiful.

Top 5 Destinations To Visit In South America


If you’re looking for an adventure this summer then you need to consider Brazil! A country bigger than the United States, we can guarantee you will never be bored. Despite the immense expanses of the interior, roughly two-thirds of Brazilians live on or near the coast, Rio and São Paulo are the most populated and student friendly. So why not grab your friends together and plan a trip this summer of even better next year for the Olympic Games which will be held in this beautiful country. You can enjoy nothing but sun, sea and some traditional Brazilian food at a very affordable price that’ll suit you alongside some amazing accommodation that won’t kill your pockets. Similar to most South American countries you can expect a range of languages being spoken in Brazil such as German, Japanese and most commonly Portuguese so why not gain some experience and have fun at the same time!

razil, Rio de Janeiro


If you’re an adventure seeker who  loves trekking and hiking then one place you must visit in South America is Chile. Transport is less than a pound, so you can be sure that’ll you will get a lot out of your holiday by visiting different attractions and places. Chile’s diversity is reflected both in its people and its food,  from the alpaca herders of the Altiplano and the tropical fruit of the arid north as well as king crab from the southern fjords.

Chile South America


Home to stunning scenery and some of the continent’s most welcoming and sophisticated people, Colombia is a beautiful place for travelers to South America. You can explore this thrilling paradise of amazing mountains, palm-fringed beaches and gorgeous cities.  Colombia is the only country in South America to border both the Pacific and the Caribbean so you can expect glorious weather every-day.

Colombia South America


This summer the world is literally your oyster, so why not travel with a purpose and visit the incredible Machu Picchu in Peru. Take a week long holiday to trek through the pristine cloud forests of this magnificent destination. Peru offers exotic jungles and coastal deserts so whether you want to swim with dolphins, trek the Inca trail or drink some pisco sours in a small town you can do it all. Wherever you go, Peru’s vibrant Andean culture can be said to be one of the most exciting in South America and will surely brighten your travels. Peru is also one of the world’s food hotspots and an array of exotic tastes to appeal to  the curious, laid-back and some of you who like vibrant dining scenes, You can expect buzzing student life as well as a relaxing break from studying.

Machu Picchu in Peru

There’s a world of opportunity out there just waiting to be explored, so make sure you don’t miss out! Remember, the only thing that’s limiting you is your imagination.

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