The world is full of fascinating places to visit, so why don’t you take this winter to explore at least one of the world’s most glorious destinations. If you’re looking for a holiday that has culture, adventure, history and spectacular views then make sure you read on as we’re put together the top 5 winter destinations you should visit this year.


Do something different this winter and visit Morocco. This has to be one your winter destinations for the obvious reasons: sunny weather, beautiful architecture and glorious foods. Escape the cold of the UK and experience one of the most stunning destinations of the motherland. With the blend of African culture and European influences, you can find beach resorts, marvelous hotels and markets places in this beautiful country.  Whether you’re an adventurer or sun soaker, Morocco offers a range of activities to fit your holiday needs such as trekking up Atlas Mountain, swimming at Casablanca beach or camel riding through the desert. If you’re not already convinced Morocco is also the worlds shopping mecca with cheap clothing, leather, jewellery and oils at your request. Make sure you book your trip today.


Popular among many young people, Thailand is one destination that deserves a place on your bucket list. This is one of the winter destinations you should be considering, picture it now, palm trees, amazing food and beautiful weather. There are a range of islands to visit such as Koh Samui, Phuket and Pattaya so get your friends together and choose Thailand this winter. With so many cheap hotels and hostels Thailand is truly a student destination that’ll bring you back for more. Visit some of the most fantastic beach, snorkel with turtles and ride elephants and when you’re looking for something a bit different carry on your South East Asian adventure by visiting neighbors, Bali, Malaysia and Singapore.

Top 5 Winter Destinations


Dubai is truly one of those winter destinations and visitors can expect an amazing shopping experience, beaches Instagram worthy views.  Dubai provides a luxury escape without that oh so expensive price tag, with great deals to Dubai with StudentUniverse make your dream a reality. Though drinking alcohol in public without a license is a no no this isn’t to say that party life is Dubai is far from boring, you can expect amazing nightlife, bars and clubs. If you’re a lover of architecture that make sure you stop by the Burj Khalifa the world’s tallest man made building and the impressive indoor snow park inside Dubai’s Mall. Have the perks of winter but in a very warm country.


Why not visit India this winter. With so much culture, wildlife and amazing food you will not be disappointed. We would recommend travelling to Goa which is the warmest place you’ll find during winter.  Here you’ll find stunning beaches, art and carnivals. If you do want to experience a bit of a chill, then make sure you visit New Delhi and Auli where the diverse topography means you can snuggle in bed with a hot cup of tea, ski and trek within the mountain ranges. India is a perfect destination this winter for sun, safaris and beaches so make sure you add it to your bucket list.


If you’re looking for complete paradise this winter then make sure you visit the Caribbean. Sunshine is a guarantee alongside tropical foods and stunning beaches. With so many islands to choose from such as Bermuda, Barbados, Dominican Republic and Cuba; this will be on winter holiday you’ll never forget.

With so many countries around the world make this winter special by taking a flight to somewhere special.

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