The tropical monsoon warm and humid climate of Bali has two distinct seasons to be aware of.  season is from April to September and is considered the most popular travel time. Whereas, rainy season from October to March becomes a bit more quiet- but don’t worry, in this tropical paradise, the sun is still likely to make an appearance for a good part of the day. So ditch your winter clothes at home and stick to sandals, bathing suits, and lightweight clothing in breathable fabrics. Don’t forget a high SPF sunscreen and insect repellent to ward off pesky mosquitoes!



It is important to stay hydrated in the Bali heat- but remember to ONLY drink the bottled water. Drinking tap water, eating contaminated foods, an increase in exotic foods, or an increase in alcohol intake will give you something known as ‘Bali Belly’ which will ultimately leave you getting to know your hotel bathroom better than the beauties of the island.



Shopaholics are sure to find their fix in Bali from the local markets to high-end designer boutiques. Bali shopping will introduce you to a treasure chest of antiques, delicate jewelry, dyed fabrics, art work, swim/surf-wear and more! Be sure to practice your bargaining skills before you hit the street markets as they will be put to test during a good-humored bartering session.



It is important to take a breather from the busy, tourist cities to go adventure and uncover all Bali has to offer. Venture to one of the many ancient temples with century-old architecture set against exotic scenery. Uncover a hidden beach with crystal clear blue water and unique black sand. Visit a beautiful, lush rice terrace that slopes across a valley.  Take time to appreciate Bali’s eccentric and fascinating culture.

Hope you enjoyed our Bali travel tips!


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