Love is definitely in the air this summer and we have comprised a list of the go-to holiday destinations for you awesome love birds out there. Term’s nearly over and nothing beats spending the time with your partner. Travelling as a young couple is exciting, interesting and a huge amount of fun so get your bags packed. Whether you want to explore ancient sights, sprawling cities, party all night or just get away from it all and laze on the beach, there is a whole world out there waiting to be explored.

 Why not try falling in love with Paris

No city break in the world is as romantic and exciting for young couples as Paris. If you’ve never been before it is said to be the best romantic destination in the world with sights like the Eiffel Tower, the beautiful Sacre Coeur and Notre Dame. Famous for their world famous cuisine and incredible art museums you could discover new hobbies together in the city of love.

Romantic  Destination For Couples

Forever Florida

Florida may be one of the most popular family destinations in the world, but it’s also great for young couples. The beaches along the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico coasts are breathtaking, whilst cities like Miami provide a vibrant and energetic place with awesome nightlife and parties. If you’re thrill seekers and fancy yourselves as adventurous the Orlando area provides the best theme parks for the ultimate fear factor.

Forever Florida

Dream in Cape Verde

Let us take you to Cape Verde where you’ll experience nothing more than sun, tropical weather and lovely warm waters lapping gently on sprawling sandy beaches. The islands have a wonderful landscape and culture that is much less party oriented than the Balearic Islands. Cape Verde gives a couple a real escape from reality and the perfect chance to indulge yourself in pampering and luxury.

Explore Italy

The birthplace of the Italian Renaissance, Tuscany is a region rich in architecture, painting and sculpture. So why not enjoy some of Europe’s finest museums and galleries, or simply relax with one of its world-class Chiantis and fall in love with its rolling countryside. Often said to be blessed by man and nature alike, it’s little wonder the region is a premiere celebrity hot spot. So you can plan a romantic trip to Florence and take in the stunning Uffizi Gallery.

Beachy Bahamas

Paradise is waiting and we are looking forward to taking you there. So why not escape this summer and jet off to the Bahamas. Exploring this beautiful 100,000-square-mile group of 700 islands is something every couple should experience. Let your hair down as you enjoy the nightlife the Bahamas are famous for. One spot you’ll definitely want to see is the 601 Nightclub. Located in Nassau, this sophisticated destination is for wine and dining. Together explore uninhabited cays and huge rocks, snorkel in some of the world’s clearest waters or pass out on the beach drunk in love.

 Beachy Bahamas, the ultimate romance place

Visit Cyprus

If you are looking for the ultimate romance you’ll get just that in Cyprus, which is the legendary birthplace of Aphrodite the Greek Goddess of love and beauty. Kick back, relax with a troll along sandy beaches whilst soaking up the sun or dine out with traditional foods in one of Europe’s most visited destinations. Visit StudentUniverse to ensure you get money off flights and hotels put some extra cash back into your pockets.

Visit Cyprus 

Have an Adventure in The Lake District

If you’re a nature lover why not try out Lake District for the perfect cottage getaway. With activities like exploring lakes, swimming, sailing and hiking you probably would not want to come back; and at the end of the night sit down and unwind with a few drinks at the local pub. The beauty of this area will give you all the romance and activity you could possibly want from a UK break.

Casablanca, Morocco

Casablanca is situated on the Atlantic and is the largest city in Morocco with a lot of tourist attraction. Popular due to the classical film; why not sit back and relax and enjoy that Hollywood treatment as you stroll along the sandy beaches and enjoy the architectural remnants. Whilst out in Casablanca’s markets in Old Medina why not buy your partner a beautiful silk dress or some traditional handmade crafts with the savings StudentUniverse would save you on your travel.

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