Europe is absolutely full of castles to explore on your travels. German castles, French castles, even English castles. But if you’re looking to discover the best castles in Europe here is our ultimate European guide for castle lovers.

Edinburgh Castle

You may not know too much about this mysterious castle, but you have to agree, it looks absolutely incredible. Built on top of an extinct volcano, Edinburgh Castle looks on over the city, which made it one of the best defended fortresses in the countries history.

You can pay to explore the castle in more depth, or you may opt to take a walk up the hill to enjoy the great views of the city. Be warned though, many people say that the castle is haunted by a bagpipe playing young boy…

Neuschwanstein Castle

It’s one of the most famous German castles and one for castle lovers to visit when travelling in Germany‘s Bavaria. Neuschwanstein Castle is the ultimate fairytale castle and was built the eccentric and reclusive King Ludwig II. His fondness for theatre and dramatics is evident throughout the castle, with rooms dedicated to specific plays and performances. If you want to visit the castle head to the quaint village of Hohenschwangau, where you’ll be able to purchase tickets.

Château de Chambord

The Château de Chambord, has become a symbol of the French Renaissance period around the world, and it’s not hard to see why. You’ll be surprised to hear, was never designed as a permanent residence for François I, it was actually designed as his hunting lodge, where he only stayed a few weeks every year. 

Inside this UNESCO World Heritage Site, you’ll find a double helix spiral staircase, which was designed by non other than Leonardo di Vinci. Only 80 of the 440 rooms are open to the public to explore. This French castle, makes a great day trip from Paris, so be sure to add it to your list of things to do on your French adventure. And if the castle doesn’t interest you much, the castle boasts impressive grounds, where you’ll spot deer and wild boar too! 

Chillon Castle

If you’re going to be in Switzerland or even France, head to Lake Geneva to catch a glimpse of Chillon Castle. Located on the banks of the lake, you’ll find this stunning Medieval site. But the site has been occupied since the Bronze age and has foundations dating back to the Roman times too.

Prague Castle

Found in the Czech capital,Prague Castle is the largest ancient castle in the world. According to the Guinness Book of Records, the castle complex occupies 70,000 square meters. It’s now the office office and residence of the countries President, but the castle is shrouded in history and culture and is said to be one of the most culturally important institutions in the Czech Republic. Visitors flock from all around the world to visit the castle, and there’s no time more beautiful than at Christmas, when the Christmas Market at the foot of the castle is in full swing.

Eltz Castle

Another german castle for the list! Located in the hills between Koblenz and Trier is the medieval Eltz Castle. It was built way back in the 12th century and you’ll find that the family who own the castle have done so for over 850 years. It took over 500 years to build and is one of only three castles located on the bank of the Rhine River, that hasn’t been destroyed. You can get here from Cologne airport by train or car and it’s well worth a look!

Have you visited any of these castles on your travels? Or are you hoping to explore one of them on your next adventure. Let us know in the comments below!



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