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China Southern Airlines is a major carrier that flies to over 200 destinations around the globe from its base in Guangzhou, China. The airline is the largest in Asia (no easy feat!) and the seventh largest in the world, operating over 2000 flights daily.

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Keep scrolling for more information on China Southern, including the destinations it serves, where it flies from in the UK, the quality of its Economy class and practical info, like how to check in and baggage allowance.

What destinations does China Southern fly to?

China Southern flies to over 200 destinations across Asia, Australasia, the Middle East, Europe and North America.

China itself is a fantastic country for UK travellers on a budget – full of adventure, cheap eats and mesmerising culture – and it’s possible to fly there direct from the UK on China Southern. Alternatively, it’s a good airline for those travelling further afield, to places like Australia – just a quick connection and the perfect beaches of Sydney are just a few more hours away!

Some of the specific countries and cities served include:

North America USA (New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco) & Canada (Toronto, Vancouver)

Europe: UK (London), France (Paris) & Italy (Rome)

The Middle East: UAE (Dubai) & Iran (Tehran)

Australasia: Australia (Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney) & New Zealand (Auckland, Christchurch)

Asia: China (Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong), India (New Delhi), Thailand (Bangkok, Chiang Mai) & Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi).

Where does China Southern fly from in the UK?

China Southern flies from London Heathrow and there are a good choice of flight options for travellers to choose from. Including one daily flight to Guangzhou, three flights per week to Wuhan and two flights per week to Zhengzhou and Sanya.

China Southern flights from London Heathrow

China Southern operates flights twice a day from London Heathrow to Guangzhou, with a choice of departure at around midday (landing in China at 7am) or around 10pm (landing in China at 5pm). You’ll be flying from Terminal 3, 4 or 5.

The actual flight time from London Heathrow is around 12 hours, though you’ll obviously need to factor in time to get to the airport (about an hour from central London using the Tube; a bit less if using Heathrow Express) and to arrive two or three hours before your departure time.

Facts and figues about China Southern?

Founded in


Size of fleet


Types of planes

Airbus & Boeing

Did you know...

China Southern Airlines is the largest airline in Asia

What is China Southern Economy Class like?

The Economy experience on China Southern Airlines is excellent. The seating is comfortable, the service is friendly, the food is really good and the entertainment options are plentiful.

What is China Southern inflight entertainment like?

China Southern has good entertainment options to help you while away the hours. You’ll find a range of audio, including music from top artists, and a decent selection of TV programs and films, some of which are new releases. You’ll be provided with personal headphones and a personal screen.

Is China Southern Economy Class comfortable?

Yes, very! There is plenty of legroom and the adjustable headrests mean you can move your head around to your head’s content. The food and entertainment will help you settle in, too.

Is China Southern onboard service good?

China Southern is known for its outstanding onboard service, especially on international flights, where you can expect a complimentary meal service complete with beverages, like wine, beer and spirits. The crew are always friendly and professional, and will do anything to make your flight as pleasant as possible.