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Qantas is Australia's national carrier and provides one of the best ways to travel from the UK to Down Under. Whether you fly on the award-winning A380 or the technologically advanced Qantas Dreamliner, you experience an unparalleled travel experience with Qantas, the Spirit of Australia.

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Does Qantas fly directly to Australia from the UK?

We're so glad you asked. And the answer is YES, mate, it does! In fact, it is the first (and at time of writing only) airline to do so, with a service that takes off from London's Heathrow and touches down in Perth, the capital of Western Australia, on the other side of Planet Earth. The daily flight takes 17 hours, which may seem a bit lengthy, but it's by far the quickest and most convenient way to get there. Not to mention the cabin has been designed with special features to help minimise jet lag.

Where else does Qantas fly to?

Qantas has two routes to Australia, the non-stop service to Perth as well as a stopover in Singapore where you can connect on to four of Australia's major cities; Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth. From it's Australian hubs you can connect to cities all over the world, from Cape Town to Los Angeles and Santiago.

Qantas also has an unrivalled domestic network, which is handy in a country that's somewhat on the large side, where it can take days rather than hours to drive from one city to another.

What's it like to fly on Qantas?

With Qantas you experience unparalleled comfort and service with warm Aussie hospitality from the moment you step onboard, shaped by almost 100 years of flying. With ergonomically designed seats for comfort, delicious cuisine, self-service snack bars for refreshments around the clock and over 1,500 hours worth of entertainment, it's the only way to fly.

Fly direct to Australia with Qantas

Fly direct to Australia with Qantas