Top Destinations For Studying Abroad

Planning to study abroad? Check out these top destinations

Studying abroad is a fascinating, exciting and often inspiring time. But where will you pick? What country and city you choose can be the difference between it being a good time, and a great time.

Sydney, Australia

With it's rich culture, huge diversity and stunning landscape; Sydney is at the top of a lot of many peoples list for a study abroad destination. If you want to spend your time outside, exploring new things, taking part in sport and chilling on the coast, it might well be at the top of yours too. Whilst the initial outlay to get there may be expensive, the rewards far outweigh that initial cost. With options like the University of Sydney, the University of New South Wales and multiple others, you won't be short of places to study either.

New York, United States of America

New York, "The Big Apple", "The City That Never Sleeps", what more needs to be said. Well, quite a bit it turns out. New York University and Columbia University tend to top most peoples educational seat of choice list, but there are many other options that allow you to focus more specifically on particular areas. Add this educational quality and choice to the fact that New York is, put simply, awesome; there's often nowhere that will top New York for studying abroad.

Auckland, New Zealand

New Zealand, and particularly Auckland, is becoming an increasingly popular destination for UK students to study abroad. When you consider the stunning beauty of the country, the range of unique sports opportunities (we'd particularly recommend the Nevis Bungee) and the quality of life available, it's little reason why. Auckland is probably the place to be with regards to education as well, with institutions catering for all specialisms: the two best known being the University of Auckland and the Auckland University of Technology.

Paris, France

Another big city for UK students to spend a year studying abroad is Paris. With it's close proximity to the UK, it's excellent transport links and varied opportunities it has to be right up there at the top of the list. And of course, don't forget the architecture on display, with places like Le Louvre, Cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris and the Champs-Élysées, there are little more iconic places to study.

Berlin, Germany

Almost undisputedly one of the best young person cities in the world today, Berlin is a top choice to study abroad. With low crime rates, low cost accommodation and a varied and rich history, there's little reason you wouldn't want to explore this new city. Add to that package quality educational institutions like The Humbolt University of Berlin and The Free University of Berlin that welcome International students, and you've got the recipe for the best year of your life.

Boston, United States of America

If you want to explore a city in USA that contains a lot of history, funny native accents, active nightlife and endless shopping opportunities, then Boston is the place you want to be. The seaport district offers up the freshest seafood around coupled with fantastic ocean views. Close by is the North End, which has the most delicious Italian food around and is next door to Faneuil Hall, which contains the most popular shops and bars in the area. Boston is the perfect city for international students... big enough to give you the city feel, but small enough that you can easily find your way around.

Beijing, China

With a booming economy, unparalleled internship opportunities, probably the best and most efficient transport network in the world and of course, a fair few Universities to choose from, Beijing is a huge draw for students looking to study abroad. Sure, it's a big culture shift from the UK, but if you really want to experience something a bit different, Beijing could really be the city for you. It'll look pretty awesome on your CV aswell!

Los Angeles, United States of America

For the traveler looking for a bit of Hollywood (literally!), then LA, also known as la-la-land is a great choice. With so much to do and explore, you'll never be bored. Stroll down Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, soak up the sun at Venice Beach, enjoy some close-to-authentic Mexican Food for dinner, catch a baseball, basketball or soccer game or just spend your time looking for celebrities. Either way, Los Angeles can offer up both a sense of zen and excitement.

Toronto, Canada

Last, but certainly not least of our top study abroad destinations is Toronto. Toronto has a rich selection of cultural, artistic, and entertainment attractions. Whether you like dining out, taking part in sports, trips to the theatre, shopping, museums, or clubbing; Toronto has it all. Also boasting the number one and three Universities in Canada; The University of Toronto and York University respectively, it's not short of educational opportunities either.