Travel Europe - Discounts for Travellers

Want to travel Europe on a budget? Look no further.

Travelling Europe can be diverse, unique and stunning. With destinations ranging from scorching hot Turkey to freezing ski slopes in France, it's got everything.

The good news is it’s becoming increasingly affordable, find our top tips to travel Europe cheaply below:

1. Look out for Student Deals

More and more opportunities are opening up for students to get away for less. You can get cheap student exclusive flight deals at StudentUniverse that can help you slash the price of your trip and ensure you visit every destination you’ve dreamt of.

2. Pre-book your Flights as Early as Possible

Flight prices go up the closer to the departure date you wait to book as more and more seats are booked on the flight and demand continues to increase. If you know when and where you’ll be travelling, book your flights as early as possible and it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll get the cheapest prices.

3. Travel Light

Leave that extra pair of shoes and those funky old trousers at home. These days you can pay almost as much for your luggage as your plane tickets, and so leaving those little luxuries at home that, let’s be honest - you don’t need, could save you tonnes in the long term. In fact, if at all possible travel with just hand luggage and it’ll be even cheaper, and you’ll not have to lug a huge bag around with you.

4. Consider your Accommodation Options

Whilst the thought of travelling in Europe and ducking into 5* Hotels in each new city is certainly an attractive prospect (particularly in Monaco,) it’s probably not realistic. You can save a fortune on accommodation by booking cheap hotel deals in cities and countries where you’ll barely be in the room, and then treat yourself to something a bit nicer when you visit places where you know you’ll have a bit more down time.

5. Flying Isn't The Only Choice

There are many different ways to travel Europe, all with an increasing focus on being more affordable. Buying lower priced options like the Student EuRail Ticket can help make the difference between being able to travel for just a month or two, and adding an extra month onto your trip. It’s worth doing your research, looking out for promotions and being willing to take that little bit longer on your travels to save a few quid.