Cheap Flights with Virgin Australia

Explore Down Under with Virgin Australia

One of the best ways to get to Australia, especially if you are in Asia and the surrounding region, is with Virgin Australia. And once you're in Australia, an equally great way to travel around is using Virgin Australia's domestic routes. Read on to find out why this airline is such a good choice, and the various benefits you'll enjoy as a student, including discounts and the like.

Travel from Asia to Australia with Virgin Australia

If you are already travelling around the Asia region, Virgin Australia has multiple flights from places like Hong Kong and Singapore to cities in Australia including Melbourne and Sydney. Although Virgin Australia does not have flights that originate in the UK, they do work with various partners who do fly from the UK, including Etihad and Singapore Airways.

Getting Around Australia with Virgin Australia

Once you're in Australia and wanting to explore, a great way to get around is using Virgin Australia's domestic service. In case you didn't know, Australia is a BIG country. From side to side, it's about the distance from Lisbon to Moscow (2500 miles), so unless you have several weeks to spare, we strongly recommend you fly from place to place, if you want a good overview of the country.

All of Australia's major cities (and indeed its medium-sized ones) are served by Virgin Australia's domestic service, including Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Alice Springs, Broome and Darwin. The airline also connects Tasmania with the mainland.

Travel to New Zealand, Fiji and Cook Islands with Virgin Australia

The wider region surrounding Australia - broadly known as Asia-Pacific - is full of beautiful places begging to be explored, and adventures wait around every corner. Virgin Australia flies to all the major spots, including New Zealand on its Trans Tasmin route, Fiji, the Cook Islands and Samoa, meaning you can plan a broader adventure in this region of the world using the airline. Further, there are daily flights from multiple Australian cities to the paradise that is Bali.

Virgin Australia Student Discount

StudentUniverse and Virgin Australia have teamed up to create some unbeatable student discounts and the best value fares on the market. When you get to check out, be sure to use one of the below promo codes to get £20 off your flight (codes are limited, so be quick!).

What is it Like to Fly With Virgin Australia?

Oh it is dreamy. Virgin is one of the world's best brands: stylish, great value for money, and an amazing customer experience. This is reflected and then some in their flight offerings, with comfortable and stylish planes with incredible entertainment options, not to mention some of the best meals in the sky.