Flights - Book, Change, or Cancel

  • How do I change or cancel my ticket?

    Most student airline tickets do allow changes, and all airlines charge a fee for changing your flight. Change rules and fees are always listed on your confirmation e-mail, so please read them carefully before you call.

    If you wish to cancel your ticket, you must contact us by phone in advance of your flight boarding. If you do not, for any reason, any refundable amounts will be forfeited to the airline.

    Please contact us if you do wish to make a change, and it is prior to your departure.

    After departure, please contact your airline directly to make any changes.

  • Where can I see my travel credit?

    Your travel credit can be found in “My Wallet”. Please ensure you read the credit details and then give us a call when you’re ready to book. If you do not see a travel credit and believe you have one, please give us a call to confirm.

    How do I use my travel credit?

    When you’re ready to use your travel credit, first read the credit details found in “My Wallet” and then give us a call so we can book your flight. It’s important you read your airline’s policies for any restrictions as we are bound to each airline’s policy.

    Does my travel credit expire?

    Yes, and this depends on the airline's policy. Your travel credit and expiration date can be found in “My Wallet”.

    Can I give my travel credit to someone else?

    No, all flights are non-transferable and cannot be used by anyone other than the ticket holder.

    Is my travel credit only good for the same airline?

    Yes, your travel credit is good for the same airline as your original flight. However, many times the airline shown on your ticket is not the airline you booked your ticket with, or your ticket may have had multiple airlines. We know, it’s very confusing! Please confirm which airline your credit is with by visiting “My Wallet”.

    Why is my travel credit with a different airline than my original flight?

    Many times the airline shown on your ticket is not the airline you actually booked your ticket with (i.e. you may have booked a United ticket that was operated by a partner airline). Some tickets also may have multiple airlines. We know, it’s very confusing! Please confirm which airline your credit is with by visiting “My Wallet”.

    Do I use my travel credit on StudentUniverse or on the airline’s website?

    You’ll be able to use it on StudentUniverse, for flights operated by that airline. Visit “My Wallet” for travel credit details and then call us when you’re ready to rebook. We can help you use credit over the phone.

    Can I use my travel credit for a different destination?

    That depends on the airline policy. Typically, airline policy requires that you use credit for the same destination, but in some cases you may be able to change it. Visit “My Wallet” to see which airline your credit is with and then check your airline’s policy for official rules.

    What happens if my new flight is more expensive than my travel credit?

    If your new flight is more expensive than your travel credit, you will be required to pay the fare difference at time of booking.

    Do I get any money back if my new flight is cheaper than my travel credit?

    If the new flight is cheaper, you won't have to pay anything extra, but you won't get the leftover credit back either. The credit is a one-time use, not like a gift card where you can use it for several transactions or items. You also can't split it between multiple flights.

    I am about to graduate, and lose my student email, how will that impact my travel credit?

    No need to worry, your credit will still live in “My Wallet”. A change to your student status will not impact your travel credit. And ICYMI, you don’t have to be a student to book on StudentUniverse! Anyone can book with us, just not everyone will be able to get access to special discount student fares. You can also update your email address to a more permanent one on your account any time.

  • What if I want to fly with a friend?

    This is very common, and very easy to do.

    Our site lets you book up to 4 people at once, and we even tell you how many seats there are left at each price.

    We offer flights for student travel, as well as airfare for faculty, youth (16-25), and adults. If you are booking for a friend, you'll need to know their legal name, their date-of-birth and their email. Our site will walk you through what to do, and let you know if they're eligible for the same cheap airfare you are.

    Please contact us if you have any questions when you're booking flights for you and your friend.

  • Why can't I find an advertised student airfare?

    Before we advertise a student airfare, we check to make sure there are seats available for it. While there may not be seats available for it on every day, we try to make sure that a person can find the student airfare we advertise.

    Flights can sell out quickly, and we need to list flights sometimes weeks in advance of an ad running, so there are a lot of things that can happen. The price you see in an advertisement will normally be good for only certain time periods, and even within that, certain days of travel. We note this in our fare terms and conditions found at the bottom of the ad.

    Generally speaking, leaving on a Monday-Wednesday and returning on these same days gives you the least expensive prices.

  • Can I earn frequent flyer miles with a StudentUniverse student plane ticket?

    Some airlines permit accrual of frequent flyer points/miles for student plane tickets, and others do not. Please see the chart below to see if your flight is eligible for these rewards.

    Airline Eligible for Frequent Flyer Miles? Phone Number
    *25% of actual miles flown
    **50% of actual miles flown
    ***70% of actual miles flown
    Domestic only
    Up to 250 miles per segment
    3000 AirlinesContact your carrier1 877 872 3000
    Aer LingusYES1 888 474 7424
    AeroflotYES1 888 340 6400
    AeroMexicoNO1 800 237 6639
    Air CanadaNO1 888 247 2262
    Air ChinaYES**1 800 882 8122
    Air EuropaYES**1 888 238 7672
    Air FranceYES*1 800 237 2747
    Air IndiaYES1 800 223 7776
    Air JamaicaYES1 800 523 5585
    Air New ZealandNO1 800 262 1234
    Air PacificContact your carrier1 800 227 4446
    Air Tahiti NuiYES1 877 824 4846
    Air TransatContact your carrier1 800 388 5836
    Alaska AirlinesContact your carrier1 800 252 7522
    AlitaliaYES1 800 223 5730
    All Nippon AirwaysYES1 800 235 9262
    American AirlinesYES1 800 433 7300
    Asiana AirlinesYES1 800 227 4262
    Austrian AirlinesNO1 800 843 0002
    Avianca AirlinesYES1 800 284 2622
    bmiYES1 800 788 0555
    British AirwaysNO1 800 247 9297
    Brussels AirlinesYES1 516 740 5200
    Cathay PacificYES1 800 233 2742
    China AirlinesYES1 800 227 5118
    China Eastern AirlinesYES1 800 200 5118
    CondorYES1 800 364 1667
    Copa AirlinesYES1 800 359 2672
    CorsairContact your carrier1 800 425 5464
    Czech AirlinesYES1 800 223 2365
    Delta AirlinesYES1 800 221 1212
    EgyptairYES1 800 334 6787
    El Al Israel AirlinesYES1 800 223 6700
    Emirates AirlinesYES1 800 777 3999
    Ethiopian AirlinesYES1 800 445 2733
    Etihad AirwaysYES1 888 838 4423
    Eva AirwaysYES1 800 695 1188
    FinnairYES1 800 950 5000
    Frontier AirlinesContact your carrier1 800 432 1359
    Gulf AirContact your carrier1 800 553 2824
    Hawaiian AirlinesYES1 800 367 5320
    Iberia AirlinesNO1 800 772 4642
    IcelandairYES1 800 223 5500
    Japan AirlinesContact your carrier1 800 525 3663
    Jet AirwaysYES1 877 835 9538
    KLM AirlinesContact your carrier1 800 225 2525
    Korean AirYES1 800 438 5000
    Lan AirlinesContact your carrier1 866 435 9526
    Lot Polish AirlinesYES1 212 789 0970
    LufthansaYES1 800 581 6400
    Malaysia AirlinesYES1 800 421 8641
    Malev HungarianYES1 800 223 6884
    Martinair HollandYES1 800 627 8462
    Mexicana De AviacionYES1 800 531 7921
    Midwest AirlinesYES1 800 452 2022
    Pakistan Intl AirlinesContact your carrier1 800 221 2552
    Philippine AirlinesContact your carrier1 800 435 9725
    Porter AirlinesYES1 888 619 8622
    QantasYES***1 800 227 4220
    Qatar AirwaysYES***1 866 728 2748
    Royal Air MarocYES1 800 344 6726
    Scandinavian AirlinesNO1 800 221 2350
    Singapore AirlinesNO1 800 742 3333
    South African AirwaysYES1 800 722 9675
    Sun Country AirlinesContact your carrier1 800 359 6786
    Surinam Airways LTDContact your carrier1 800 327 6864
    SwissYES1 877 359 7947
    TACANO1 800 535 8780
    Tam Linhas Aereas S.A.Contact your carrier1 888 235 9826
    TAP Air PortugalNO1 800 221 7370
    Turkish AirlinesYES1 800 874 8875
    United AirlinesYES1 800 241 6522
    US AirwaysYES1 800 428 4322
    V AustraliaNO1 800 444 0260
    Virgin Atlantic AirwaysYES**1 800 862 8621
    WestjetYES**1 800 538 5696

    The above table is for informational purposes only. While we will make every attempt to keep this information up to date, StudentUniverse will not assume any responsibility for its accuracy as airlines reserve the right to make changes to their frequent flyer program without advance notice. Actual mileage earned may be different from what is stated above.

    If your flight is eligible to receive frequent flyer rewards, you can make sure you get proper credit in one of two ways. When you check in at the airport gate, make sure you give the airline agent your frequent flyer information, or you can call the airline directly to make sure they have your frequent flyer information in your flight record. See the chart above for the best number to call.

  • How do I buy student flights for someone else?

    Many people who purchase student plane tickets from StudentUniverse do so for someone else. If you are buying a student plane ticket for someone else, you will need to have his or her legal name as it appears on their ID, their date of birth, and email address. Our site lets you book up to 4 people at once, and we even tell you how many seats there are left at each price, so it's easy to book your trip with friends and family.

    We offer flights for college students, faculty, youth (16-25), and adult fares for everyone.

    When you register on our site, the person whose name is registered will be the default for the first ticket. If you want to book a flight for someone else, and you're traveling with them, register yourself, and then add them as part of the booking process. If it's a student/faculty or youth fare, we'll work to verify their status directly with them.

    If you are ONLY booking a flight for someone else, you would need to create an account with their information as the airline ticket will be issued in the name of the account holder.

    Airlines are very strict on name changes once the ticket is issued, so please be careful if you're booking a flight for anyone but yourself.

    The name on the credit card CAN be different than the name of the traveler.

  • Can I use someone else's credit card to purchase student flights?

    Yes! Student flights are frequently purchased using a friend's or parent's credit card. You will need to get their permission, and you will be asked for the credit card billing information and the card security code (the 3 or 4 digit code on the card itself).

  • Can I buy a ticket with a non-UK credit card?


    StudentUniverse accepts Visa, MasterCard, and Discover cards from all over the world for our student flights. We also accept debit cards with billing addresses outside the UK. All charges will be made in UK GBP Sterling, and any differences due to currency conversion and foreign transaction fees are the responsibility of the purchaser.

  • What if I'm having technical difficulties?

    Please contact us if you need assistance booking your student flights if you are having technical difficulties on our site. We will ask you for feedback to forward to our technical support team, so please note what actions you were taking, any error messages, or any other relevant information.

  • Do you have better student travel deals if I call?

    Our website has all our student travel deals and is available 24/7. Our travel agents do not have access to anything other than what's on our site.

    A small number of itineraries do need to be booked via an agent. These include:

    • Booking a flight for same day travel
    • Stopovers
    • Departing from one airport and returning to another
    • Fares that cannot be booked until you are verified as a student/faculty/youth

    In these rare instances, you would need to contact usdirectly when you are ready to book your student flight.

  • Can I book a stopover?

    If you would like to book a stopover for your student flights, you will need to contact us directly to speak with an agent.

    If you are not familiar with a stopover, it is when you are traveling from one destination to another, and stopping along the way (or the way back) in another city. Stopovers are common when you travel long distances, say from London to Sydney, but stop for a couple of days in Bangkok.

    If you are ready to book a flight with a stopover, please contact us for assistance.

  • What is a promo code?

    From time to time, StudentUniverse and/or its partners will offer promotional codes to be used online when purchasing student flights. These promo codes entitle you to a discount on your student airfare, and are a great way to make a student deal even cheaper. Most promotion codes require minimum prices for the flights and have dates of validity, so check that out before you book.

    To use your promo code, enter it in the space provided on our billing page right after you enter your credit card. On the following page you will see a recap of your order with your promo code applied, so you can see your discount.

    We frequently send out promotions and deals to our DealAlert subscribers, so join now.

    Our agents cannot enter these codes once an order has been placed online.

  • Do you offer a price guarantee for student flights?

    StudentUniverse does not guarantee that the prices of student plane tickets found on this website are the most competitive in the market. Furthermore, we do not offer any compensation if another customer books the same itinerary as you at a lower price. StudentUniverse is different from other travel agencies in that we sell student airfares that cannot be found on major travel sites - and though that makes our pricing highly competitive, we will not always be the cheapest.

  • What if my traveling companion is not a student or faculty member?

    StudentUniverse offers more than just faculty and student airfare; we offer fares for Youth (ages 16-25) as well as fares for adults of any age. Our site will walk you through what to do, and let you know if they're eligible for the same fare you are.

  • Are the prices I see on your site in GBP?

    Yes. All prices for student flights are in GBP (£) as are any additional fees for flight changes or cancellation, if applicable. All purchases of student airfare will be charged in GBP (£), but if your issuing bank is outside the UK, they may convert this to the local currency.

    If you are booking a hotel on our site, you will be charged in Euros (or GBP(£) if it is marked on the booking page). Hotel prices can be displayed in GBP, US$, Canadian Dollars, Australian Dollars, New Zealand Dollars, or Euros.

    StudentUniverse is not responsible for any additional fees imposed by your credit card or financial institution for the exchange rate conversion.