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How to get Cheap Flights when Backpacking

Backpacking is a classic method of student travel and the epitome of escapism. Countless movies like The Beach (2000), Into the Wild (2007) and The Way (2010) underscore the importance of abandoning your possessions and setting out on a bold search for something greater. Whether you hit the road solo or bring your best mates, a couple months of backpacking is sure to change your perspective on life.

As a student, you can find great deals on airfare for your own backing trip with StudentUniverse flights deals. We negotiate fares down to the lowest possible price to make your backpacking dreams a reality. Ever wonder what it would be like to bum your way through South East Asia, eating delicious street food and showering in waterfalls? Wandering among the ruins of ancient Incan temples in Peru? How about crashing, heavy as lead, in a warm and welcoming backpacker hostel after a day of exploring the Albanian coast? By saving money on backpacking flights, you can have the wild and gritty adventure that movies are made of.

Tips for Booking Backpacking Flight Deals

How to snag a great flight deal when backpacking

When it comes to grabbing the cheapest student flights on your backpacking trip, flexibility is the name of the game. Try to book about 60 days in advance (give or take a couple weeks) and keep your expectations as loose as possible. That being said, you’ll find that cheap air tickets generally fly on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Saturday, when business travel is slow.

Don’t get set on a particular city, either. Just because an airport is close to your hostel doesn’t mean it’s flights will end up having the best net value. You could save major cash by flying into a larger airport a few hours away, then booking a dirt-cheap ride to you final city through budget carriers like Megabus. To find the best deals, you need to scope out all your options and do a little bit of math (sorry).

If you already know what you want to pay, go ahead and set some price alerts. Let the airlines do the work by letting you know when that London to Cape Town flight hits £440.

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