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There's nothing wrong with not knowing where you want to go, infact we often encourage indecision - it leads to you getting out and doing more! In fact, our multi-destination tours will be perfect for you. They provide the flexibility of moving from country to country on your trip so you can identify what it is you do and don't really like, and get back and boast about how many awesome new places you visited this summer.

Why not take the epic Budapest to Istanbul tour. Taking you across Eastern Europe visiting the likes of Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and finishing in Turkey it's a tour that will satisfy even the most aspirational travellers need. Each have their own unique history that not only defines them, but also those around them. You'll visit old Bulgarian fortresses, experience stunning Romanian countryside, swing by Count Dracula's rumoured castle and finish up in one of the fastest growing cities on the planet; Istanbul. Taking just 14 days, it ticks all the right boxes, and won't take up your entire summer.

If you've really got a thirst for exploration, try your hand at the Ultimate Africa Tour. Taking you from Cape Town to Nairobi, you'll be on the road for 54 days of new experiences, cultures and countries. Featuring safaris through game reserves, giant sand dunes that'll dwarf most hills at home, gorillas that'll be (mostly) happy to meet you and a fair few nights camping in the great African outdoors; you'll be happy to take a break at the end and settle down for a while.

For those on a slightly more limited budget, try your hand at the 7 day San Diego, Grand Canyon & Las Vegas Tour. Okay, so we're technically cheating in that they're all within the same country and everyone will be speaking English, but to be honest, you'll come away feeling like you've seen three entirely different worlds. From the stunning beaches of Los Angeles and San Diego, to the immense size and scale of the Grand Canyon, to the bright lights and glamour of the Las Vegas strip, you'll finish the trip and have to ask yourself "did that really just happen?"

Make sure you check our Last Minute Tour Specials as well. They're even more discounted than our standard student tours, but keep in mind they sell fast, so if you like the look of something, ensure you don't hang around with booking it.

Multi-Destination Tours

Got a few countries in mind that you want to visit? You can tick them off with our awesome multi-destination tours.

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