Why The UK Is Failing International Students And Must Change

Why The UK Is Failing International Students And Must Change

Our head of UK Marketing and Business Development, Dan Baker, is now a regular contributor to the Huffington Post‘s “Young Voices” section (which is geared to College students). Our contributions will focus on issues that affect international students.

The first post Dan contributed, “International Students: Why The UK Is Failing And Must Change,” is focused on the classification of international students in the UK as immigrants. Per the article,

“As a result of this classification, they are included in the government’s target net migration figures. This means that the number of international students in the UK is now actually at risk of being deliberately reduced to help the government avoid media headline grabbing statistics.”

The article goes on to state:

“By adding things like credibility interviews, limiting maximum length of study time and adding additional costs to the visa process, international students are being forced to jump through hoops to come to the UK. This visa structure must adapt if the UK hopes to continue to be a front-runner in the international student global marketplace.”

This topic is one that continues to make headlines. Just last week attendees to Study UK’s annual conference predicted a demise in the diversity of education institutions operating in the current policy landscape.

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